Saturday, February 5, 2011

To all the Listeners; both Old and New! A Message From Ghost...

As you all know by now, the new show is now called True Capitalist Radio where we discuss business, the markets and how to make money. Of course, it's me, so you know that I'm handing out verbal back hands with my personal commentary and becoming a bigger bad ass than I was when I was a "Conservative." The show is still evolving, so if you have any ideas, comments and/or suggestions you can give, send them my way. We've been trying very hard to get guests to be interviewed, but everyone is afraid to come on the show. lulz!

The Twitter, Blog, and the E-mail will remain the same given that everyone has known them for all these years. This show used to be a hobby that cost me no money, but that has since changed for a variety of different reasons. And since I came out the pocket to get the "Premium" services at (because I couldn't be away from those who love Ghost so much), I need those who truly appreciate the show for its educational/entertainment value to now consider the advertising aspect of this free show.

I'll be completely candid, I have been approached by many media companies who wanted to purchase and/or invest in the content that I've been creating for so long. But many of these proposed models would've included the shows archive, live stream and/or other content to have monthly charges for its access. Instead, I've decided against selling-out in that regard and am attempting to sustain the now accumulating expenses of the show with the Internet advertising model (which isn't the most successful model to content producers). This is why I need those listeners who normally conduct transactions online to click our advertisers (on all True Capitalist Radio Content) to make their future online purchases to help True Capitalist Radio always stay free (archive, live broadcast, etc).

I do this show for many reasons, but the most important one is the fans. I know that fans of Ghost genuinely appreciate content, for they have so many other options to occupy their time (TV, Radio, Movies, etc). And yet, given the shows past erratic frequency, controversial nature of the content and the change in show format; the same fans who've been there all these years are still there. Thank you all...

P.S. Besides, I do it for the LuLz!!!

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  1. That's all good and well, but I still want to know: do you prefer your taints natural or shaved?