Friday, December 18, 2009

A Sign of our Current Quasi-Communist Times. What a way to end 2009! Wake up AMERICA!

As I scoured the Internet, I came across this YouTube clip of the great give-a-way in Detroit, Michigan that took place on October 7,2009. I covered this incident on True Conservative radio when this horrific disgrace took place. I, as many of you, were only given the images, video and audio from the national coverage of this spectacle. Here's the shocking local media's coverage of this disgusting soup-kitchen esque scene. This video I believe speaks for itself.

A sign of times folks, what pathetic sight of ungrateful moochers of our great society. No one I saw in this footage looked as if they were missing meals or malnourished; most of them were fat in the ass. Reports of up to 30,000+ moochers showed up to this event expecting free checks of $3500 a piece courtesy of the American taxpayer (which would've came out to $105,000,000+). Luckily, all they got was a near riot and footage of themselves [the moochers] complaining that they're not getting free money fast enough. Let this video be a visual signature for things to come as we get close to ending 2009. Wake up you idiots!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Brief Voice Message to those who Like the True Conservative Radio Show!

I've gotten hundreds of e-mails from individuals asking what it will take to air the True Conservative Radio Show more frequently. Below is a short voice blurb on an easy way to support the show and increase the possibility of airing live more often.

Please don't forget to spread the word about the True Conservative Radio show to everyone you know. The issues discussed on this program are important to the continuity and integrity of our country. Thanks to everyone who listens in! You ain't seen nothing yet...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amnesty in America Coming to an Illegal Immigrant Near You! Yet Another Ghost Prognostication...

The Liberal regime plans on introducing legislation that will completely revamp America's immigration laws this Tuesday (12/15/2009). Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.), the chairman of the House Immigration Caucus, plans on introducing the bill that will offer illegal aliens a path to legal residence. Of course, according to Washington insiders, this bill won't begin to make waves in the Congress until after the Liberal regime accomplishes its warped Health care reform legislation; which will be some time after the new year.

As much as I've insisted all these years that these illegal immigrants were going to eventually get amnesty, very few Americans gave a second look. Now that my assertions have become a reality, I think all Americans should take notice and stop this Liberal regime's attempt at legitimizing the invasion of our country. Don't allow the Liberal propaganda on this issue force you to accept it.

Illegal immigrants have damaged our political, economic and social systems in ways that our enemies could only have dreamed about doing. First of all, the reason the Liberals want to give amnesty to these invaders is because they [the Democrats] want to corner the immigrant demographic in the ballot box for several generations. Secondly, immigrants have lowered the cost of labor and have eliminated employment opportunities for American citizens (especially during this recession) while taking advantage of American taxpayer funded entitlements. Third, illegals can commit the most grotesque and disgusting crimes (rapes, murders, etc) and just get deported; as opposed to facing American justice like everyone else who commits a crime in this country.

Although the evidence against the invaders of our country is in indisputable, I believe this legislation will pass with support from both sides of Congress. Mark my words! The Liberal regime will justify this amnesty bill by using Ronald Regan's rhetoric to legitimize their argument with right to mid leaning members of Congress. And as a result, by this time next years, illegal immigrants will be illegal no more.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gets whacked... In the face!

As Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi greeted on lookers and supporters, a deranged man decided to take a replica statue of the Doumo di Milano and whack the PM in the face with it. Berlusconi, according to reports, suffered a busted lip, cheek and a couple of knocked out teeth in the assault. Below is a clip of Berlusconi taking it in the kisser.

But this only adds to what has been a bad year for the Prime Minister; his wife of 19 years, Veronica Lario, filed for divorce in May alleging infidelity with prostitutes and teenagers, his immunity powers that were supposed to shield him from prosecution on a tax fraud case was recently nullified and now he gets a statue to the pie-hole thanks to his lackadaisical security apparatus. Maybe if Berlusoni's security would've put down the spaghetti and meatballs, the PM would still have his teeth. Oh yeah, by the way, America makes better pizza too!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

College degrees not worth the paper its printed on! Graduates find themselves jobless, hopeless and in debt... Yet another Ghost prognostication!

To all the so-called intelligent people who thought I was crazy for telling my listeners not to force their children to go to college because of degree saturation and lack of employment, well this story is for you ass clowns. A recent Time Magazine article, has confirmed my argument!

I've stated many times that college degrees are worth absolutely nothing in America today. Basically, these kids are putting themselves into a lifetime's worth of debt ($23, 200 on average) so they can have a 4 year party of sex, drugs and alcohol ("Girls Gone Wild;" enough said). And then when they're ready to go into America's service-industry oriented economy, they realize that they're not getting paid any better than a pot-head working the cash register at the local head shop.

For those graduates who do find modest salaries after college, they don't do the fiscally responsible thing and pay-off their student loans. Instead they go finance a house, a car and any other materialistic widget they feel that they deserve because of all the "hard work" (wink-wink) they did in college. Not taking into consideration the lack of true job security and globalization of economic systems; both of which jeopardize a graduate's income potential and longevity.

Because of all that's mentioned previous, a young person can feel a bit betrayed or lied to about the current set of circumstances. I feel for you young people! Not only have you been robbed of the economic opportunities accorded to your elders, but you've also been robbed of the critical thinking necessary to properly interpret the seriousness of all that's around you. Your minds have been hypnotized and programmed through an alternate reality perception, and that is Television.

For those of you young people that have snapped out of the MTV daydream and are attempting to lay blame but don't know where to look; look no further than those who raised you; the BABY BOOMERS!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Christmas, America will be singing the 12 days of Obama! Listen and start caroling!

For many of those this Christmas, the future seems uncertain with the Liberal regime in power. Here's a nice Christmas carol I found that will shed a little light on this uncomfortable holiday season. Enjoy!

I know that this little Christmas parody was supposed to be a joke, but the content is far from humorus. Maybe if you lazy American jelly asses would stop consuming Chinese goods for a minute and realize that this country is about to turn into something that mirrors what we fought against in the 20th century, maybe our future wouldn't look like a Karl Marx wet dream!

Monday, December 7, 2009

COP15 Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen is an attempt at Global Communism through sex, lies and bureaucracy!!!

The current Liberal regime's bureaucrat at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) today announced it has signed 6 different "greenhouse gases" to the list of government regulated pollutants (including carbon dioxide; what humans breath out). This was conveniently done to coincide with the International Global Warming summit in Copenhagen (COP15); and done without vote by the U.S. Congress or the American people.

COP15, which began 12/07/2009 and will last 2 weeks, is an obvious attempt at global Communism. The plan is that all modern and industrial countries (USA, UK, France, etc) are to have their "greenhouse gases" capped at a certain rate (Obama has already committed an 80% reduction). This new greenhouse gases rate will be regulated by some International bureaucratic system (probably the pussy-whipped U.N.), that will begin levying a global carbon tax (amidst an array of other taxes) that will be collected from all the member nations of the COP15 agreement. The taxes collected will not only fund the new Global International Regulatory System, but the revenue will also be allotted for third-world nations to aid their development into modernization and industrial growth. All that's mentioned previous is a recipe for worldwide Communism.

Many have criticized my opinion about how Global Warming is a complete scam ran by the international scientific community to obtain unlimited grants from governments and the private sector alike; not to mention they [the institution of Science] want to become the supreme authority superseding all political, social and economic systems. But since the unraveling of what is now known as "Climate-Gate," my claims have become more than just opinion.

This is a call to the world, don't allow a global consortium of quasi-Communist/Socialist bureaucrats globally tax your country's citizens for breathing! I find it ironic that this COP15 summit is flying in thousands upon thousands of delegates from all over the world in greenhouse gas, fuel burning jets and airplanes to discuss curbing global pollution. Why couldn't all these International delegates just stay home and have this conference on the Internet (since they're so worried about "greenhouse gases")? Maybe because free sex (really, the COP15 delegates are getting free sex, click the link), a free trip and the ability to rule the world under context of a complete lie is too much to pass up for these bureaucrats. You sick, power hungry fruity asses!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marijuana! America's new cup of coffee! Welcome to pot head America!

Since fruity-ass Liberal California decided to classify Marijuana as medicine, there are now literally more legal "Marijuana Shops" than there are Starbucks coffee houses in the state. Since the passing of the voter mandated Prop. 215 in 1996, the citizens of California have been legally consuming pot as a medicine. Prescriptions of Cannabis can given to those with serious fatal illnesses (Cancer, Aids, etc) or to someone with the minor ailments that the drug supposedly alleviates (stress, depression, pain, nausea, etc).

But now Prop. 215 has created a monster with its loosely defined cures and/or treatments of the drug. Pot doctors, those who specialize in writing pot prescriptions, have sprouted in large numbers around the clusters of Marijuana dispensaries. Any citizen of California is eligible to receive a legal prescription (for any trivial illnesses or ailments); a typical trip to the Pot Doctor is a little over $100 (seriously, anyone can go and get a prescription). Thereafter, you can go to the Marijuana store and get a joint of one of the strongest and most potent pot starting at $5.

I feel that this national acceptance of Marijuana as a medicine and/or recreational substance will be destructive to an already complacent American public. We've all known pot heads, and they're typically lazy idiots that can barely stay focused enough to wax their own carrot. Now, the possibility of having a nation of these Cheech and Chong worshiping morons is rapidly becoming a reality.

I strongly urge those who are considering using this illicit crap not to. And if that doesn't convince you not to smoke weed, then listen to the True Conservative Radio Show (#147)when I will consume Marijuana LIVE on the air in hopes of persuading people not to smoke it. America has accepted so much social, political and economic filth, don't add legally selling pot to anyone (within proximity of children) cripple America's moral ethos worse than Liberal/Feminist Hollywood already has. Wake up True Conservatives! We're losing AMERICA!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

True Conservatives must begin to take action against Liberal and Feminist idealism... The future of our country depends on it!!!!

Look people, I know its the holidays and everyone is engulfing their realities with gluttonous eating and mindless consumption; but our country is rapidly (as each day goes by) transforming into something Anti-American. The dumbed down American public, with their many decades of complacent political activity, have allowed those motivated by corrupt idealism to systematically destroy America's political, economic and social systems. These same perpetrators of American systems have deliberately attempted to contradict the political philosophy of the Individual and are forcing upon us the philosophy of the collective as the supposed only viable alternative.

No longer can we ignore this blatant infringement on our lives by those leftists variants (American Liberalism, Feminism, etc) that are currently misleading the masses and dismantling the Constitution. It is time for the American Patriots of Modernity to begin to arm themselves with knowledge, influence and substance so that this International leftist acceptance can be derailed off the track of the future and put into the museums of antiquity; or more like a circus freak-show.

If you feel that America is no longer the land of opportunity, then you must act. If you're observing the dumbing down of the masses, then you must act. If you feel that the masses have accepted the trivialization of human life, then you must act! By continuing to be complacent and not fulfilling your obligation as a country made "For the People and By the People," then our future is at the whim of power-hungry autocrats that will smile at your face and shake your hand, while selling out future generations into infinite serfdom to creditor nations.

To True Conservatives, be it 5 or 5 million of you, now is the time for you to get up and show the leftists that this idealism will be resisted. Read about history and about how (time and time again) the influence of a few motivated and dedicated Individuals changed the charted course set forth by those that attempted to dictated it. I've said this before and I'll say it again, if this warped political philosophy remains unopposed, then we deserve the consequences of the worst case scenario. Get off the sideline and get on the front lines, and the front lines are right outside you door! DO SOMETHING, WE NEED YOU!!!!!!