Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wael Ghonim Named Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People For Causing Chaos in the Middle East...

Wael Ghonim was directly responsible for manipulating the primitive country of Egypt into a chaotic frenzy via Facebook and Twitter. Since the so-called Egyptian Revolution (which was nothing more than a mass pillage and plunder episode), the Middle-East has turned into complete hell. But that didn't stop Time Magazine from naming this war criminal one of the world's top 100 most influential people.

That's right! This Google executive, now self proclaimed revolutionary, is going to be rewarded with American media pomp after turning Egypt into Anarchy. Since Ghonim's tech inspired riots, the Egyptian people are growing more and more unhappy with what has transpired since the so-called Egypt Revolution. Of course, their anger should be directed towards the puss in picture.

Wael Ghonim claims to be doing what he's doing for freedom and to prevent "his country" from being oppressed by authoritarian regimes. Yet, the new governing body of Egypt recently inked an economic deal with totalitarian the government of Iran; not to mention they want to "increase their ties." Where's Wael Ghonim's protests against this?

Lest we forget that Iran has slaughtered thousands of its own people in 2009 when the pro-democracy/pro-capitalist movement attempted to demonstrate against the fixed Ahmadinejad elections. Now, thanks to Wael Ghomin, Egypt is embracing the Iranian regime with open arms. So with this rational, its okay for Iranians to be slaughtered because its not Ghonim's country? What are bunch of hypocritical bull shit!

Anyone in any other country that attempted to do what Ghonim did in Egypt would be thrown in prison for life or, in many cases, executed for treason. But not Wael, he's going to be at the Times 100 awards in a tuxedo, eating a 5 star dinner and hobnobbing with pompous celebrities with bigger egos than his. And why? Because he's a Google executive that manipulated a primitive masses into mass chaos. Thanks Google; for your employees promoting the expansion of the Iranian totalitarian government!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Freed Capitves" - By Ghost

Our achievements provide hurdles for progress
as the complexity of survival forks in the road
The paths taken by the enlightened few
are envied by the mutants of the masses
So I strive for eclectic perfection
in an imperfect realm of deviate deception.

My life, a wheel of zig-zag scenarios
that provide chemical reactions of living
Capitalism, a necessary mechanism of civilization
that enables all to pull the strings of their world
Without it, we are but jungle animals
at the whim of savage skin tribes salivating for incivility

Primitive concepts should be bad memories
but it’s the perception of the land
Humanity, an organism that has gone beyond design
making the impossible, possible
We’ve achieved more than fabled deities
and quashed religious dominion of the mind

I refuse to live life like a leech
or be lead by charlatan shepherds and their flock of sheep
I’m a Capitalist that lays my own foundation
and build temples with magical stones
No time to cry or live in fear
for we’ve made Heaven out of this Hell

Captives we came,
Gods we will leave!