Friday, January 29, 2010

The Youth Begins to Rise Up Against Leftist Ideology! It's YOUR TIME NOW Young People!!

Right when I feel that all hope is lost for America, the youth does something inspirational that re energizes my optimism for our great country. A group calling themselves is going to universities around the country setting up mock Communist style gulags in the middle of the campuses and pretending to protest as Communist extremists. The point is to show students and other observers how dangerous, yet ridiculous, Leftist ideas really are.

Below is a video clip showing the group in action as they set up a gulag in the middle of Washington University. Watch as the Leftist Washington University administration tries everything in their bureaucratic power to shut down the peaceful demonstration. The administration finally shuts it down when they find some bureaucratic rule that they enforce on the group.

Remember the Baby Boomers in the 60's and how extreme they were (Weather Underground, Chicago 7, Black Panthers, etc) in the name of Leftist ideology. Now its time for the youth of America to rise to the historical occasion, and do what ever is necessary to reject this hypocritical generation[Leftist Baby Boomers] that left you [the youth] with nothing but a portly picture of Mao.

James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, are but few of many more young individuals that will heed the call and rise to the occasion. Those brave young souls who stand up against the Communist/Socialist take over of America should inspire us all! Especially you young people who are hypnotised by Liberal Hollywood, turn off the TV and stand up to oppressors who wish to take away your Life, Liberty and Property! It's YOUR TIME NOW!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Housing/Economic Collapse of 2010 is coming to an American Family Near YOU!!!

For those who thought the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008 was bad, wait until you see what's in store for 2010. For years I've been screaming about how our political, economic and social systems have been corrupted by people's complacency, consumption and ignorance. Now we're going to pay the piper; with interest! Below is a clip from 60 minutes outlining just a few financial instruments that will be contributing even more devastation to just the housing markets in 2010. Enjoy you gluttonous, ignorant American ass clowns!

And I ask you Liberals, why is your regime allowing the banks to get away with such malarkey? How can you mindless Leftist minions allow the American taxpayer system to be raided by the entities that you used to claim were your sworn enemies? I tell you why, because Leftists don't care about anything but getting a higher and/or more powerful bureaucratic position within the systems of authority to assert their warped totalitarian ideas.

Meanwhile, hard-working Americans taxpayers are funding a Liberal government system that's obviously destroying this great country from within. These soulless Leftists are driven by fanatical ideology that has been proven a failure throughout the times of history. Now that they have complete control of our country, they [Leftists] no longer have to hide behind the veil of compassion and empathy; for they are now showing their true colors to the world. And if you still oblige this Liberal regime, its leaders or its ideas, then you personally have the blood of millions of American workers/families on your hands.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rahm Emanuel jokes about the First Amendment being "over-rated." When will the True American Patriots stand up?

I've been screaming for almost 4 years about how the Leftist ideology has corrupted the American political conscience, and how these Liberals are creaming in their pants to take away your freedom. How about hearing it straight from the White House Chief of Staff's mouth! Below is a video clip of Rahm Emanuel saying to a reporter that the First Amendment was "over-rated." Enjoy you politically complacent milky lickers!

Why can't the American people understand the seriousness of the situation at hand. This system was a government made for the people and by the people, but if the people fall asleep at the wheel, you'll have authoritarian bureaucrats (like this idiot in the video above) trying to take your Liberty away. We can not stand for this any longer! Its time for you morons to stand up and participate! SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scott Brown's Massachusetts Senate win; What it really means for American politics.

Ever since the Massachusetts Senate win by Scott Brown, those on the "Right" side of American politics are having a bigger circle-jerk now than they did about that dunce Sara Palin. But as you can see from the picture on the left, there seems to be a trend amongst our American populous when choosing its leaders; they have to be beauty queens (if they're female) or look good with their shirts off (if they're male).

We, the American people, are at the most pivotal point in history; our economy is broken, our education system is crippled, Communists/Socialists ideas have warped our political conscience, our country is in combat theatres all over the globe, terrorists want to kill us, etc. And yet, you morons are choosing your leaders like you're choosing bareback one-night stand partners.

Mark Levin and other lip-service paying mouth pieces on the Right were claiming that Brown's election was some how a victorious win to take our country back. As if anyone on the Right (besides yours truly) has laid any new and/or original ideas that could genuinely galvanize a base for long term control of the political system; the Right has done and/or said nothing but watch the Left trip over its own hunger for power. Now, as we see with the Brown win, we're seeing the recourse of American people on the stagnate and hypocritical Liberal regime.

Our country is too damaged to play this see-saw political game of "Which Political Party has the hottest piece of ass." We need leaders that can present new ideas that can rebuild our tattered country. We need our youth to rise up in protest and demand the opportunities from the generations of old; Life, Liberty and Property! WE ARE NOT SOCIALISTS! And the only way we can prove that we still deserve Liberty is to act as if we still care about it by electing Statesmen instead of attractive idiots that make you feel funny in the pants; and that goes for the whole political spectrum (Right, Left, Middle, etc).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

President Barack Obama's first year in office; what do you think? This what Liberal Hollywood told you was going to happen this time last year...

Well it's been one year since the swearing in of Barack Obama as President of the United States, and all looks completely different than what was sold to the millions of star fetished Americans that voted him into office. Prior to Obama becoming President, the American people were promised an instant utopia by a collective allegiance to Liberal ideology. Below is a propaganda video produced by Liberal Hollywood around election time last year. Notice the suggestions of sacrifice, socialism and struggle in this video; and all this is coming out the suck holes of celebrity multi-millionaires who don't at all follow the suggestions mention previous.

Now that it's a year later, with our entire government system (Congress, Executive, etc) being ran by this Liberal regime, would these celebrities make another propaganda video today validating the claims and suggestions made in this one? Would these hypocritical Hollywood assholes make a video justifying the Liberal regime's mandated open raid on the American taxpaying system by Wall street and corporate cronies ? Would they make a video about how terrorists now have Constitutional rights because of the Liberal's idea of "Change?" Or would these dumb ass Hollywood milky-lickers make a propaganda video about how Obama won the Nobel Peace prize; even though he's increased troop deployment and combat theatres?

The idiotic celebrities in this video should be held accountable for providing false advertising and blatant propaganda to the American people. The stars in this video should not be given anymore of our time, energy and/or money until they admit they lied to us all! It will be a great day when Hollywood is in a museum of antiquity, for they have provided nothing to the world but Leftist propaganda and destructive behaviour.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

John Stossel highlights what Ghost has been screaming about for over 3 years! We're having a fight for True Capitalism; stand up and demand it!

For those who still believe that America is not a quasi-Socialist/Communist system, take a look at a story (one of many) that Fox Business commentator John Stossel delivered on his latest Thursday night (8PM EST) show. Below is a video clip that provides yet another example of why True Capitalism is being phased out by Leftist power-hungry bureaucrats.

Click here for the video clip!

I don't know how much its going to take for you complacent American people to get off your fat, cottage cheese having asses and take control of this American system that's been hi-jacked by Leftist fanatics. Our political, economic and social systems can only be ran sufficiently by a well informed and highly active populous that understands their obligation to its civilization. Those who remain docile and helpless have no room in a society that was built to protect Life, Liberty and Property; and without the protection of property, there is no such thing as prosperity and/or opportunity.

That's why its more important than ever to expose these contradictions, so that our disenchanted youth can clearly see that the 40+ year experiment of Leftist ideology is tainted with lies and hypocrisy. Its time for the young to see life for what it is and act to preserve the greatest social organizing idea that ever graced the earth; Capitalism. If not, the alternative is a bureaucratic system that will retard human creativity, destroy critical thinking and stagnate human potential just as Monarchism and Feudalism did to the world for thousands of years.

Monday, January 18, 2010

An amusing video about True Conservative Radio with a serious message!

As I scoured the Internet recently, I came across lots of YouTube video clips about "yours truly" and the True Conservative Radio show. Many of them are just edited clips of the show that are made to make me look foolish. But there was one video that amused me for a number of different reasons. Below is a video clip edited by some Youtube user named Sharcoth, who obviously spent a bit of time and energy to create it.

I know that it took at least a couple of hours to time the text with the audio in this clip, and I know it was done to make me look like an idiot. But the important thing is the message in the clip, its a call to action for the American Youth. It's time for the Youth to make their imprint on American history; just like these Leftist baby boomer hippies did in the 60's.

Only this time the modern Youth will identify the obvious contradictions with the Leftist movement of old and demand the free-market Capitalism that these same baby boomer Leftists took advantage of and attempted to redefine. If the Youth does nothing, they will be the serfs of the future paying for their parents gluttony and abuse of American Liberty.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google bans the True Conservative Blog from Adsense. Yet another Internet company banning Ghost for his political views...

Well it looks like Google doesn't appreciate the content produced by the True Conservative Blog, so they [Google] have now permanently banned us from participating in the Adsense program. It's no coincidence that Google bans me a couple of days after I singled them out as a major financial contributor to America's current Liberal regime on episode #154.

Although I gave kudos to Google for threatening to leave China, their actions against me proves their true authoritarian, left-leaning nature. Google also claims that I'm some how manipulating the pay-per-click numbers by hacking and/or inducing people to click advertisements. First of all I'm not hacking anything; but inducing users to visit advertisers is the whole purpose of advertising in the first place.

Countless times I've been spammed, blind linked and lied to through a variety different Internet methods; and most have been motivated to get me (and other users) to click Ads by Google. But I guess Google doesn't mind spammers and Internet blind linkers, just as long as your not a True Conservative who believes in the Constitution. And its not even like I've actually seen a check from these Leftist fruity asses [Google]; this month was going to be my first check from this filthy company and it was only for $140 (and that's after 3+ years of accumulated clicks).

It's not about the money, its the principle of the scenario in question. Google Adsense prominently displays stories of individuals who make up to $10,000 a month using their big brother advertising system. Here I've made $140 in 3+ years and now they're banning and not going to pay me? It's obviously because of my political views and ideology which is nothing new; I've been banned from MySpace, Facebook and other social networking site because of what I say. But it will not stop me!

Google's stock price is about $600 a share, and that's because of us [the people]! How about we, the people, stop consuming in Google products and services so we can cut this corporate entity down to size (just like we did to Microsoft). I've already told all my investor friends to sell the Goog stock, unless they want to promote authoritarian Leftists. It will be a great day when we see this over evaluated stock go to down to double digits; maybe then these Google Leftist will embrace actual free market capitalism. Piss off Google! You're fruiting the world up anyway!