Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The BlogTalkRadio Network and their ass-kissing minions makes me sick!

I've been broadcasting on the BlogTalkRadio Network for two years, and have been successful in getting a loyal base of fans and haters (thanks to you all). I've accumulated thousands of live listens and podcast downloads, all thanks to my own promotion and hard work; and I've never gotten any props or highlights from the goofs who run the company.

Instead they promote (and pay as employees) these ditsy bimbos (i.e. Media Lizzy) and other lame hosts that do nothing but kiss the ass of management to get such opportunities (even though no one listens to these milky lickers). I think its pathetic!

I've listened to all the so-called popular broadcasts on BTR, and most barely have 6 or 7 people in their chatroom (this is after BTR promotes their shows via e-mail, homepage features and blogs). But BTR, for whatever reason, insists on giving these boring fruity-asses props, highlights and authority over other hosts that aren't in the BTR ass-tickling click.

If I don't see that my hard work and content is being appreciated within the next couple of months, I'm going to leave the BTR Network! That's right, I've recently been e-mailed by a company similar to BTR's that promises to give me the emphasis I deserve; and I'm seriously considering moving broadcast to their Network.

So keep up to date with the show, because if I decide leave, I would like everyone (including the Liberal and Feminists who agitate my show) to come with me! Thanks to all who listen and please let BTR know what you think about True Conservative Radio!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Glenn Beck puts the economic collapse in simple terms; even an idiot American should be able to understand!

For all you dumb ass Americans who are bowing down to your own socialism/communism, Glenn Beck lays out the seriousness of the economic crisis! This video is short but sweet; please watch and comment.


Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has a website pandering for donations from like-minded Feminist and Liberals! How pathetic!

The listeners of my show are well aware of my disdain for the dirty dishrag whore, Nadya Suleman (Octomom). I've stated in the broadcast that this woman should be thrown in prison for neglecting her children and trivializing human life. This woman, who is unemployed and single, has taken it upon herself to go to some mad-scientist who stuck a turkey baster up her uterus-hole to impregnate her with 8 children at the same time (not to mention the 6 kids she had previous); all because "she always wanted a big family ever since she was a teenager." What makes this story even more sick, is that you have this Liberal and Feminist media putting this slut-bag on a pedestal as if she was Mother Teressa.

If you weren't puking up in your mouth yet, then get ready for this; Suleman now has a website trying to solicit donations from Liberal and Feminist minded morons on the Internet. The website,, has been up since early this month and pleads with the public to make a donation to this genetic freak show. Can you imagine, when Americans are being laid-off daily by the thousands and are having trouble taking care of their own families, this maniac broad actually expects some sympathy from you because her retarded decision making. What a piece garbage!

I have advocated and will continue to advocate that this woman should be thrown in jail or committed, her children should be taking away and she not be allowed to capitalize off of her lunatic actions. This is not cute, it's not beautiful, it's disgusting!

I want to end this blog by personally telling Nadya Suleman that she should be back-handed back into reality (where we don't mangle our faces to look like movies stars and shit out children for financial gain). You are a pimple on the ass of life and you should do the world a favor and jump off a building. This way, the America taxpayer can help your children; not you or your ditsy of hag of a mother!

Obama claims he doesn't want nationalized banks, but his actions prove differently...

In my last radio show, I emphasized how the present administration is entertaining the option of nationalizing America banks. I was unbelievably upset at this news, and rightfully so. This is the kind Communist crap that Fidel Castro did after he took power in Cuba; he nationalized everything. This is why the U.S. has had one of the longest embargo's against the country of Cuba. And now the U.S. has an administration who embraces the idea of quasi-socialist/communists nationalization. Today President Obama supposedly underscored that he did not want nationalized banks. But your actions show differently Mr. President.

The U.S. government is spending the taxpayers money to purchase the majority shares of preferred stock in most banks; which their entertaining the option to exchange them for common shares. According to,

If the U.S. were to convert all of its holdings into common shares, it would own more than 80 percent of the company [Citigroup].

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America, which has received $45 billion in TARP funds in exchange for preferred shares and warrants, would be 66 percent owned by the government if its entire stake were converted to common equity, according to data compiled by KBW Inc., a New York-based investment bank. The figure would be 69 percent at Regions Financial Corp. in Birmingham, Alabama, which has received $3.5 billion from the U.S. It would be 83 percent at Fifth Third Bancorp, the largest Ohio-based lender, which got $3.4 billion.
KBW calculated the government stakes based on a conversion price of 80 percent of the stock’s value as of Feb. 5.

The prospect of nationalized banks is something the American people can not tolerate! Call your Congressman and your Senator and tell them we don't want to transition into quasi-socialism/communism. Remember, this is America! The country that never emphasized giving handouts to low-lifes, but giving out opportunities to the responsible, hard-working American!

Facebook bows down under the pressure! I say still cancel your accounts!

I had stated on my show last week that all users of the social networking site Facebook, should cancel their accounts. It was highlighted earlier this month that Facebook's "terms of service" was altered to give exclusive rights to all the user-created content posted on the site to Facebook; even if one were to decide to cancel their account. I was outraged at this company and it's founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

But now that the Internet users of the world decide to revolt against these authoritarian tactics used by Facebook, Zuckerberg and his goons have bowed down to the users and eliminated the "TOS" clause stated previous. But I feel that Internet users should make Facebook pay for its infringement on our Internet freedom. That's why I still call on everyone to cancel their Facebook accounts and tell Mark Zuckerberg to piss off!

Facebook, as stated in several reports, is worth close to 1.3 Billion dollars as of right now. And they have the audacity to secretly change the "TOS" agreement under every one's noses to give them exclusive monetary rights to your likeness, pictures, blogs, videos and any other content that you wish to post (even if you close your account)? I think Zuckerberg has some nerve, and it would be a great day to see Facebook collapse under its own greed.

Remember Zuckerberg, you fruity-ass bastard, the people are the ones who created the networth of your company and made Facebook what it is today. Secretly changing your "TOS" is the equivilent of kicking all the Facebook users in the balls and telling them to smile about it. You and your pathetic company are a piece of trash, and anyone who still decides to stay on as a Facebook user must like being treated like a 2-dollar whore with a 3-dollar rebate!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the new True Conservative blog!

Welcome to the new True Conervative Blog. The reason I decided to start a new blog is because of the over-whelming response to e-mails saying that they want more True Conservative commentary. An since it is impossible for me to broadcast 24/7, I feel that the blog is the next best thing.

Please add this page to your favorites and check back often because I will always be posting posts whenever important subjects arise for discourse. Don't forget to tune in to the True Conservative Radio @ !!!! We also have on-demand episodes for the past 2 years we've been on the air.

Thanks for all your support! And to all you Liberal long-hairs and bull-dyke Feminists, the Conservative Movement will rise again!!!