Saturday, December 31, 2011

Categories For The Ghosties! Campaign for your nominee RIGHT NOW!

Sorry it took so long, but here are the nominations for the Ghosties! Better late than never...

  • Best Shout-Out Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Audio Splice
  • Best Fail Troll
  • Best Transtesticle
  • Best Mexican
  • Best Black Guy
  • Best Brony
  • Most Memorable Meme of the Year
  • Worst TCR character
  • TCR Fan of the Year
  • TCR Troll of the Year
  • Capitalist of the Year
  • and other honorable mentions from 2011...

Here are the categories for the Ghosties. If you want to campaign for your nominee then Tweet me @GhostPolitics from now until the Ghosties show. Winners will be given the opportunity to make a speech during the LIVE broadcast of the Ghosties (I will accept the award for those who don't show up). I want to reiterate that this award show is merely for props and the winners will receive absolutely nothing. But if you would like something tangible to represent your award, above is a fill-in the blank certificate for your award receiving pleasure. Maybe next year we'll give out a smashed up beer can or something.

Make sure to put the Hash Tag: #Ghosties -----Be here for the Ghosties