Friday, February 25, 2011

So You Want to Be A Capitalist? Read This and Pass It On!

There are those who ask, “How do I become a Capitalist?“ This question is something that should be intellectually dissected by those who want to make a legitimate effort to become this prestigious title. Since the fall of Feudalism, Capitalism (or variants therein) has been the demonic substance of many political philosophies throughout the past several centuries; this stigma has given credibility to many collective models and their totalitarian rule. But True Capitalists are not the greedy devils that they have been propagandized to be. Its much like the auto-determination of civilizations from the past, where war, conquest and glory encompassed the thymotic passions of the time. Capitalist in modern times are motivated by more than just profits or gains; it’s the ability to civilly conduct competitive battles of thymos while facilitating opportunities to the spectators. Unlike old thymotic perceptions which inspired destruction and brutality exclusively, Capitalist thymos creates the Chinese definition of the word crisis; danger and opportunity.

What’s the danger? Every living organism on this planet is genetically imbedded to survive, and to survive in this reality means to kill something weaker to sustain life. As much as human idealism has tried to reinterpret this reality, it’s a fact of nature. But the food-chain stops with Humanity, and who takes the place of nature from here while not replicating the brutality that fills the walls of history? Capitalists! Capitalist provide an avenue to civilly separate the weak from the wise. And this is the danger of Capitalism, there has to be losers and people who fail. Which isn’t much of a danger from this author’s view.

The opportunity? A Capitalist must utilize all assets in his/her arsenal to fund a venture that will provide profit and growth. But as with every thymotic conquest comes competition that will utilize all the tools in its arsenal to eliminate start-up ventures that will threaten their part of a given market. As a result, spectators who join sides with a specific Capitalist in a given venture, capitalize by default with jobs, creativity, research and development. Productivity and growth permeates as spectators of the Capitalist battle become part of the spectacle themselves.

To be a Capitalist in modern times is a lucrative, yet a dangerous idea to accept as the foundation of one’s mentality. Those in the failure category of the Capitalist models vent their frustrations at successful Capitalists; which can become extremely violent. To be a Capitalist is not to just accumulate wealth and assets, but to expand economic possibilities to inspire the productivity of a civilization. To be a Capitalist is to go above the limits set forth by society, politics and family influences. The economic model of international free markets has enabled Capitalists to grow beyond the locality of their geopolitical proximity. It provides opportunity on a global scale for that seek it, and economic growth for those who want it. So you want to be a Capitalist? Join us!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's the Real motives of Teachers Unions; Former NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin admits "Its Not About the Children, Its About the Power!"

With all the teachers in Madison, Wisconsin and elsewhere in the U.S. holding the students hostage so they can continue to exploit the taxpayer, here's a video of the then NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin explaining the foundation of every teachers union. As you play this clip, remember that we currently have teachers all over the country on strike because they say they "care" about the students; Chanin shows the union's true colors in this speech. Unbelievable!

You heard it right from the union lawyer's mouth, its not about the children, its about the power; typical bureaucrat. This is why I don't like teachers, administrators and school board members, for they are soulless cash whores! Teachers have been vampires when sucking the emotion out its community so that they can fatten their wallets and curb their occupational responsibilities. Now-a-days, teachers are just over paid babysitters that are dumbing down the youth as time goes by.

Not to mention that these teachers are living in a different reality than everyone else. A reality where no matter how bad of a job a teacher does, because of collective bargaining, that bad teacher gets an increase every year they're teaching. Moreover, the process to fire a teacher is almost impossible because of these disgusting mafia-like unions. Remember this, everyone in the private sector has felt the effects of the economic contraction of 2008. And as a result, people were being layed-off from their jobs (this included white collar labor), foreclosed on their homes and put in debts that will take years to erase. But teachers didn't feel the economy one bit because they were guaranteed work via lifetime tenures and contracts.

Now that the states don't have any more money to blow on ridiculous expenditures, over inflated bureaucratic budgets or Liberal entitlements, the teachers unions are acting like they're being forced to work for free. Its sick to see these pathetic occupational bottom feeders, who are no smarter than the average American schmuck, use the students as pawns in their quest to juice the system. I say it would be a great God damn day in American history when these "educators" are in the unemployment line having to get hired on the merits of their skills and abilities; like everyone else you useless piece of trash!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayoral Race; Why Would Anyone Vote For This Useless Bureaucrat?

Its official; Chicago is filled with absent minded idiots. Recently, the people of Chicago decided to elect lifetime bureaucratic failure Rahm Emanuel as their mayor. As I look at this bureaucrat's election, I'm again reminded why the American political system, for a lack of a better term, sucks.

I mean seriously, how can one [Emanual] be a failure at so many things in life, and yet still be in any kind of position of authority? Because the American people are morons, and Emaneul & all other career bureaucrats know this and use it to their advantage for political gains. So lets see what makes Emanuel so credible to be in authority.

The only private enterprise job held by Emanuel (outside of crony appointed private positions hes been given by leftist insiders) was at an Arbys fast food joint as a teen, and he couldn't even do this menial job correctly. Believe it or not, this goof cut-off the tip of his middle finger in a meat slicer (LOL, and to think this guy set policy).

He began his political career with the public interest and consumer rights organization Illinois Public Action. Rahm networked with other like-minded power hungry leftists from there, and then became a fundraiser for Illinois campaigns. A then unknown Bill Clinton vetted Emanuel for his fundraising services and eventually made Rahm an advisor once Clinton was elected President.

In 1998 Emanuel resigned from the Clinton administration; which will become a common theme throughout his political career. But somehow, with no experience in the private sector and/or Wall street, Rahm got himself a cushy investment bank job as managing director with Wasserstein Perella. According to Congressional disclosures, Emanuel made $16.2 million in only 2 1/2 years at this position.

Then in 2000, Bill Clinton appointed Emanuel to Board of Directors of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). His tenure was plague with scandals relating to campaign contributions and accounting irregularities. He, of course, resigned before waves were made and then he went on to run for Congress in 2001. When he left Freddie Mac, he received approximately $320,000, including later stock sales. A request under the Freedom of Information Act to review Freddie Mac board minutes and correspondence during Emanuel's time as a director was rejected by the Obama administration (I wonder why).

Rahm was elected to Congress in 2002 (U.S. House seat in the 5th District of Illinois) and then took over the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as chairman. Emanuel (and Howard Dean) likes to give himself credit for the Democrats retaking control of Congress in 2006; but in reality, it was a reactionary transition of power by the voters, for the Republicans had complete control of the government for 6 straight years prior. So no dice Rahm! Oh yeah, did I mention that he packed his campaign contribution account with donations from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry.

Then during the 2008 Presidential election, Emanuel showed his true colors by turning his back on the Clintons (who gave him his lame bureaucratic career) and endorsed Barack Obama. Once Obama was elected, Emanuel's loyalty was rewarded by being appointed White House chief of staff in 2009. But because he's completely incompetent, Rahm screwed up the entire Obama and Democrat agenda once they took control of the government. And by September 2010, anticipating major losses in the midterm elections, Emanuel ran away and resigned once again.

Now this loser is mayor of Chicago! How much does a politician have to show that he's a complete imbecile before voters realize that they elected Corky from the "Life Goes On." This is why I'm not longer political, for the majority of the electorate are too ignorant understand the seriousness of their political responsibility. This is why we will continue to have an incompetent government because this country is filled with incompetent people.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gadhafi's Son Threatens His Own People; Moammar's Days Are Numbered in Libya!

I have to laugh when I see nepotistic regimes attempt to hold power and justify their totalitarian rule. The country of Libya is the latest in a vast series of uprisings throughout the region. Although Libya's government has completely cut off communication in and out of the country, reports of police firing into crowds and killing hundreds continue. The Yul Brynner look alike above, Moammar Gadhafi's son, got on Libya's state-run media threatening civil war against those opposing the governing authority. Moreover, hes threatened to "burn Libya's oil wealth," but all this comes too late for this nepotistic regime.

Latest reports out of Libya confirm that the regime is losing complete control of the country. Central government buildings are on fire, the military is turning on the Gadhafi and the people continue to press forward even after heavy casualties. So all this finger waving by this bureaucratic, bald-headed brat is just prolonging the inevitable. The 42 year reign of Moammar Gadhafi is just about to become a bad footnote in the book of history.

As this relates to business, crude oil has spiked in the Asian and European markets and its sure to gain in the American markets tomorrow morning. Just as I predicted on True Capitalist Radio several weeks ago, the chaos in Egypt would spread throughout the region and oil prices would be affected. If you listened to the insight given on the show, this may be your time to generously profit.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Warning to the Communist Government of China: Tiananmen Will Rise Again in the Name of the Jasmine Revolution!

Even after the murder and bloodshed, the two modern revolutions that I admire the most have been resurrected; the Iran Revolution of 2009 and the Tiananmen Square Revolution of 1989. Since the chaos in Egypt, a wave of uprisings and revolutions have spread throughout the Middle-East and now has gone even further east to awaken the spirit that inspired the people of China in 1989. Unfortunately at the time, the world watched as the Communist government massacred these revolutionaries as if they were fully armed enemy combatants. Above is a video for those who are unfamiliar with this historic tragedy.

Now the time has come for the Communist government of China to pay for its arrogant hypocrisy. The bureaucrats in the Chinese government are becoming billionaires by the day on the forced serfdom of its people in the name of Communist ideology. This contradiction was going to unearth itself no matter how much social engineering and conditioning the State attempted. And today, February 20, 2011, the people rose up once again on what is now being called the Jasmine Revolution.

This uprising is so serious, that top Communist bureaucrat Hu Jintao personally broadcasted a speech on the State run media the previous night calling for a crack down on anyone participating and/or affiliated with the Jasmine Revolution. Why such attention to a small uprising by the centralized totalitarian government? Because they know that the Chinese people never forgot the massacre at Tiananmen Square and new communication technologies (I.E. the Internet) has brought the people new ideas and perspectives that will eventually render the Communist Party useless.

The Chinese people must realize that the reason for its global success is not because of its government; its because of the people themselves. The only group benefiting from the blood, sweat and tears of the people are these billionaire bureaucrats in the Communist Party. Why must the people be indoctrinated with an ideology that preaches anti-Capitalism and yet, the authority (Communist government) enforcing this anti-Capitalist ideology are Capitalists themselves. Meanwhile, the people are prohibited from obtaining such wealth and are forced into below-slave labor all in the name of Communist ideology. The Chinese people can no longer internalise these contradictions!

To the Chinese government: the only thing that can save you is to relinquish totalitarian rule and allow your people to participate in the global economic model. Your primitive collective system is no longer needed, for the Chinese people can and will decide their own destiny. And I would bet my life that they want nothing to do with you, Mao and/or Communism. You can only abuse the loyalty of your people for so long before it all comes back around to you. But I forgot, you Commies don't believe in Karma. Well, when all the bureaucrats in the Chinese government are brought to trial before the Chinese people for their crimes against humanity, found guilty and sentenced to death; maybe you'll believe it then you totalitarian scum! Long live TIANANMEN SQUARE! Long LIVE CAPITALISM!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Future of Spectator Sports: Video Gamers that got Game?

Sundance DiGiovanni, chief executive officer of Major League Gaming (MLG) recently discussed his company's partnership with IMG for a wider medium distribution to globally expand the brand. The brand? Lets just say that these guys are trying to create the NFL of gaming. Providing a legitimate source of revenue and recognition for couch potato gamers taking up space in parents basements and collecting unemployment checks. Above is a Bloomberg News interview with the CEO of MLG.

As video game releases surpass the revenues of Hollywood blockbuster movies, the convergence of technology is taking fantasy entertainment into the pocket books of the gaming industry. As a result, the evolution of capitalizing on this ever expanding market becomes more and more diverse in its ideas for potential entrepreneur. MLG and its partnership with IMG proves that gaming is more than just fun and games; its serious business!

So if you're the parent or a spouse of some couch suffering loser who can't pay for his/her meal and yet, comes up with $60 for latest shoot'em up game, tell them to start gaming for a living. And if they suck at that, then maybe you throw them out on the street because they're a worthless piece of American mooching crap! Oh yeah, below is our sponsor who allows gamers to compete against each other for real cash. So if you think you are the best gamer in the world, click the banner below and put your money where your mouth is!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Live the Iran Revolution of 2009! Death to the Ayatollah! Death to Theocratic Hypocrisy!

Although the chaos that encompassed the so-called Egyptian uprising has spread throughout the region, the Iran revolution of 2009 has been reignited and energized. Not too long after the Iranian Totalitarian government publicly championed the Egypt uprising of 2011, the revolutionaries in Iran, that went underground after the revolution, came out yet again to protest (not riot and loot) against the Iranian authority in February 2011. Even after the Iranian government murdered thousands of peaceful protesters in the street, imprisoned so-called dissidents and executed the families of those who where thought to be apart of the rebellion in 2009, the spirit of Liberty lives on in Iran; and they have no fear to stand against the hypocrisy once again! Above are pictures of the sacrifice that young Iranian revolutionaries conducted in 2009; may fate shine brightly on them!

In December/January of 2009 on True Capitalist Radio (then known as True Conservative Radio), I screamed with anger to anyone who was listening at the time about how young Iranians were sacrificing themselves for sake of Liberty and against hypocrisy. At the time, I was personally corresponding with organizers of the revolution to exchange ideas and to publicly relay messages about their struggle. I have since lost connection with those revolutionaries, and I only hope that no harm came to them. But the reason I'm so passionate about this revolution is because I could only wish that the dumbed-down American people would cherish the Liberties that they abuse; while others in the world are sacrificing their lives to get them.

The only thing American people get motivated for is Dancing with the Stars and a Denny's free breakfast give-away. Meanwhile, the American government which consist of people we elect, continues to lie, cheat and steal with no kind of ballot box recourse. You see you fat American milky lickers, we don't have to have a revolution, uprising or chaos to keep our government representative to its constituents. Americans just have to vote for competent statesmen and hold their feet to the fire by unelecting these bureaucrats when they get too comfortable. Instead we have politicians that make careers out of public service, and after they are no longer in office, they keep the remainder of their campaign contribution account and become millionaires; tax-free!

This is why I am passionate about any nation of people who rejects government totalitarianism and embrace Liberty and/or Capitalism. And everyone around the world should be focused on Iran because when the Ayatollah falls, it will be a historic event that has an intellectual foundation; unlike Egypt which was filled with primitive barbarianism, chaos and social media manipulation.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Middle-East Unrest Spreads Throughout the Region After Chaos in Egypt

It's sad to see that the agitation of a so-called Google executive, Wael Ghonim, can spread throughout the region just days after Honsi Mubarak steps down from authoritarian rule. Just as I predicted, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen are all now dealing with uprisings of their own. The mainstream media keeps propagandizing that these uprisings are being inspired by Democracy, but I feel its manipulation of the ignorant masses within the region.

The only one thing that's certain with these uprisings is that all are motivated to depose the hypocritical authorities of their nation-states; that's it! There is no evidence (with the exception of the Iranian uprising that began in 2009) that these Middle-eastern countries want Democracy nor do these uprisings have any intellectual foundation; its being fueled by emotionally impulsive barbarianism.

A lot has been put into the fact that social media started this "revolution." But lets be honest, these Middle-Eastern countries are being thrown into modernity with the same primitive thoughts and views of the world that they've held for centuries. Combine that with the naive interpretations of new introduced medias and you've got a recipe for unrest. Its no coincidence that the organizer of Egypt's digital inspired chaos was a computer-educated Google executive (with executive pay) and not a domestically educated revolutionary inspired by poverty.

The Egypt uprising has now spread! And since America was supporting (financially and militarily) the dictators of the countries now infected with this bug of chaos, do you really think the masses of these countries want "Democracy?"

Friday, February 11, 2011

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Delcares, "Multiculturalism is a failure."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a television interview that multiculturalism is a failure, joining a growing group of world leaders and former leaders who've recently said similar statements.

"My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," Sarkozy stated. "Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want... a society where communities coexist side by side."

Sarkozy went on to say, ""If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France."

British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia's ex-prime minister John Howard and Spanish ex-premier Jose Maria Aznar have also recently said multicultural policies have not successfully integrated immigrants.

What all these bureaucratic leaders are failing to understand is that nationalism, culturalism, racism, politics and religion are the war pigs of the world. Its these systems that have become living entities within all of us, and has brought about the strife that has dominated human existence. The foundation of every episode of human destruction is rooted in these systems, and until we put these systems in the halls of antiquity, humanity will continue to act as primitive as the animals in the jungle.

We're living in modernity! Where humans don't have to survive based on the laws of natural selection. Where transportation, communication and production save humans time and energy to live longer, individual lives. We're in the times where human innovation is conquering nature and exploring new worlds.

But instead of the majority of humanity embracing our leap forward into the future, they cling to these old barbaric systems that do nothing but add obstacles and strife to the progress of human potential. So Sarkozy and all the other power hungry autocrats that continue to divide humanity, your days of bamboozling an ignorant masses are numbered. When an accepted order of international proportions is embraced by an enlightened human majority, we will no longer have a use for the systems of primitive man.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google's Responsibility For the Egypt Uprising; The Aiding and Abetting of Wael Ghonim...

Its been several weeks since the beginning of the Egyptian uprising against longtime authoritarian leader Honsi Mubarak. The American media has been covering this chaos as some sort of fight for democracy, but in reality, its a disgusting display of technological mass manipulation. And Google is the major culprit of all this destruction.

At the beginning of the uprising, a Google executive named Wael Ghonim utilized Internet communication to organize the masses of Egypt. As a result, people took to the streets, and instead of demonstrating or rushing government offices to take control of the country's authority, they looted the streets like a post-Katrina wasteland. The people not only have destroyed their metropolitan cities and turned them into garbage dumps, but they're also starving their own country by prohibiting the number one source of revenue from generating income; tourism.

But all that doesn't matter to Wael Ghonim or Google. On the contrary, they've been fueling the fire of this chaos since the beginning. When Egypt attempted to halt Internet traffic to stabilize the chaos, Google created a method of Internet communication that bypassed Egyptian authorities. When Egypt authorities took Wael Ghonim into custody, Google's media influence made Ghonim look like an imprisoned freedom fighter, as opposed to what he really is; a rabble rouser. Because of Google's propaganda of Ghonim, Egyptian authorities released him in hopes of calming the uprising.

Instead, Wael Ghonim has gone back to his digital agitation and is reorganizing the chaos that has been a reality in Egypt since the uprising. Ghonim said in his most recent statement that, "I'm ready to die for revolution 2.0!" Well Mr. Ghonim, why should the country of Egypt listen to a Google sponsored crier that has no revolutionary credibility other than pushing keyboard keys really hard to tweet a primitive population into chaos?

In a recent episode of True Captialist Radio, I received a call from an American investor that had business interests in Egypt. He went on to say that his store in Cairo was seen on CNN in flames. This is not only the story for foreign investment in Egypt, but also for the local Egyptian investors that are now counting their losses because of Google and Ghonim. This is why I feel that Google's role in this uprising is threat to foreign investment and governments of nation states throughout the world.

If Google can use its communication assets to destabilize governments, what's to stop Google from using these same assets to manipulate markets, conduct identity espionage and/or creating truth out of propaganda (just as they've done with Wael Ghonim)? I think investors, governments and individuals should really analyze whats happening in Egypt, because its not setting a good precedent for global civility.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ghost is Bullish on Gold! Financial Institutions Now Accepting Gold as Collateral...

As many listeners know, I was a Gold critic for some time. But as I continue to see the pumping of bullion on the news media, TV personalities and even from certain politicians, I'm seeing the Gold bubble beginning!

For all who are unaware, America loves a good bubble; the dot coms, real estate, etc. Gold, at this point, seems to be one of those financial instruments that investors (laymen and pro) seemed to be getting into for many different factors.

One factor, inflation! The U.S. government is continuing its orgy of deficit spending, which is debasing the American currency. Typically the price of Gold rises when a currency is devalued and we're seeing (and have seen since the concept of investing) investors use liquid from other positions to purchase Gold to hedge against this inflation. This play provides the investor with cash reserves via metal that gains with inflation by default.

Another factor, accumulation! Since Gold's rise since 2000, many firms, businesses and individuals have started up to capitalize on these unprecedented gains. Everything from Gold bar peddlers to scrap Gold buyers fill the advertising space on the news networks and other media; not to mention that financial institutions are now accepting Gold as collateral. This means that a mainstream industry has been birthed based around bullion and is obviously successful enough to continuing paying millions to advertise and accumulate the metal. So what does that tell me, it tells me that this is the beginning of potential Gold scarcity because of accumulation. Accumulation of this metal can cause a huge spike in the value of gold based on the laws of supply and demand; and this is a key factor for fueling the coming Gold bubble.

The last, but not least, factor; over speculation. At some point (I believe we're entering that phase now), everybody from investors to the regular joe are going to believe the hype and accumulate Gold no matter what the market price is. Over speculators are going to be blinded by gains and they will fail to realize the limitations of this instrument (just as the did with real estate). This will engulf the latter portion of the Gold bubble right before it bursts, which I feel will take place in about 2-3 years from now.

Taking these factors into account, I feel very bullish on Gold for the time period mentioned previous. I believe (in my opinion) that bullion could go as high as $3000-$4000 an ounce before is pops, so take advantage by setting aside a minimum of 10-15% of your portfolio and entertain plays in the metals market; especially Gold!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong's Explaination of the $315 Million Huffington Post Deal

Tim Armstrong went on Bloomberg Television after trading hours on Feb. 7, 2011 to discuss his company's recent acquisition of Huffington Post for an astonishing $315 million. Armstrong sounded optimistic to say the least when boasting about the deal and pom-poming its founder, Ariana Huffington (who will now be AOL's editor in chief for news content). If your an investor in AOL, listen closely and see if you believe the vision that Armstrong trying real hard to sell.

After watching this interview, one has to wonder what's Armstrong smoking? Sure, his belief in content production and its revenue generating strategies is one thing. But I don't think that paying the Huffington Post 30 times its annual operating cash flow is a smart business decision in any school of finance.

AOL "expects" Huffington Post's annual operating cash flow in 2012 to be around $30 million; but I feel that's really stretching the imagination. In episode #17 of the True Capitalist Radio Show, I had several AOL investors call into the show with concern about this deal; asking for advice on their next move on this stock. I personally feel that this was not a wise use of a company's capital, and if I owned AOL right now; I would start looking for more profitable short term instruments.

One thing I think that will come about from this questionable move by AOL is a potential corporate buy out frenzy. I think these types of buy out deals (based on speculated future earnings) are going to be a habitual norm in the coming year and into next year, for corporate profits have been high for the past couple of quarters (which has given equities major gains). Companies are sitting on lots of capital and, just as AOL has done, they're going to use it to expand. Not to mention the Obama administration's new view on lowering corporate taxes! Is this going to be the 90's all over again?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

To all the Listeners; both Old and New! A Message From Ghost...

As you all know by now, the new show is now called True Capitalist Radio where we discuss business, the markets and how to make money. Of course, it's me, so you know that I'm handing out verbal back hands with my personal commentary and becoming a bigger bad ass than I was when I was a "Conservative." The show is still evolving, so if you have any ideas, comments and/or suggestions you can give, send them my way. We've been trying very hard to get guests to be interviewed, but everyone is afraid to come on the show. lulz!

The Twitter, Blog, and the E-mail will remain the same given that everyone has known them for all these years. This show used to be a hobby that cost me no money, but that has since changed for a variety of different reasons. And since I came out the pocket to get the "Premium" services at (because I couldn't be away from those who love Ghost so much), I need those who truly appreciate the show for its educational/entertainment value to now consider the advertising aspect of this free show.

I'll be completely candid, I have been approached by many media companies who wanted to purchase and/or invest in the content that I've been creating for so long. But many of these proposed models would've included the shows archive, live stream and/or other content to have monthly charges for its access. Instead, I've decided against selling-out in that regard and am attempting to sustain the now accumulating expenses of the show with the Internet advertising model (which isn't the most successful model to content producers). This is why I need those listeners who normally conduct transactions online to click our advertisers (on all True Capitalist Radio Content) to make their future online purchases to help True Capitalist Radio always stay free (archive, live broadcast, etc).

I do this show for many reasons, but the most important one is the fans. I know that fans of Ghost genuinely appreciate content, for they have so many other options to occupy their time (TV, Radio, Movies, etc). And yet, given the shows past erratic frequency, controversial nature of the content and the change in show format; the same fans who've been there all these years are still there. Thank you all...

P.S. Besides, I do it for the LuLz!!!