Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's the Real motives of Teachers Unions; Former NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin admits "Its Not About the Children, Its About the Power!"

With all the teachers in Madison, Wisconsin and elsewhere in the U.S. holding the students hostage so they can continue to exploit the taxpayer, here's a video of the then NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin explaining the foundation of every teachers union. As you play this clip, remember that we currently have teachers all over the country on strike because they say they "care" about the students; Chanin shows the union's true colors in this speech. Unbelievable!

You heard it right from the union lawyer's mouth, its not about the children, its about the power; typical bureaucrat. This is why I don't like teachers, administrators and school board members, for they are soulless cash whores! Teachers have been vampires when sucking the emotion out its community so that they can fatten their wallets and curb their occupational responsibilities. Now-a-days, teachers are just over paid babysitters that are dumbing down the youth as time goes by.

Not to mention that these teachers are living in a different reality than everyone else. A reality where no matter how bad of a job a teacher does, because of collective bargaining, that bad teacher gets an increase every year they're teaching. Moreover, the process to fire a teacher is almost impossible because of these disgusting mafia-like unions. Remember this, everyone in the private sector has felt the effects of the economic contraction of 2008. And as a result, people were being layed-off from their jobs (this included white collar labor), foreclosed on their homes and put in debts that will take years to erase. But teachers didn't feel the economy one bit because they were guaranteed work via lifetime tenures and contracts.

Now that the states don't have any more money to blow on ridiculous expenditures, over inflated bureaucratic budgets or Liberal entitlements, the teachers unions are acting like they're being forced to work for free. Its sick to see these pathetic occupational bottom feeders, who are no smarter than the average American schmuck, use the students as pawns in their quest to juice the system. I say it would be a great God damn day in American history when these "educators" are in the unemployment line having to get hired on the merits of their skills and abilities; like everyone else you useless piece of trash!


  1.'s plainly obvious you haven't set foot in a school since you left the 8th grade...

  2. Great post, not to mention truer words were never spoken. BTW, I know of @ 4,000 teachers who could provide the "raped by a pack of wild teachers" needed for a REAL job. They are the ones that NYC has on the payrolls, but because of their rank incompentcy not to mention their Mafia Union, sit every day in rooms provided for them until it's time for school to end & go home. This is not news; "60 Minutes" did a story on it about 4 yrs. ago. I grew up in a family of teachers & hubby was one too-BEFORE UNIONS

  3. It would be a great day to see these teachers were held accountable. In my town, they couldn't fire a teacher who spent half the year calling-in sick. All they could do is give her an insignificant and easier desk job with the same pay, tenure and pensions. You're a true hero Ghost!

  4. Ghost you racist Nazi pig, why don't you and your capitalist scum die already. I voted against sopa to get rid of capitalist scum like you.