Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Coming American Loser Revolution! Which Side are You On?

Our lack of intellectual curiosity and individualism has brought about a way of thinking that is on the border of barbaric. Those Americans who weren't politically, economically and socially responsible are now becoming a threat to all of our security. I've finally come to the conclusion that potential civil unrest is highly probable.

With recent violent acts such as the plane crash attack in Austin and the University of Alabama shootings, we must now entertain the idea that there is much more to come. Many of the future perpetrators of domestic terrorism will consist of those who were fiscally irresponsible with their personal life and want another entity to blame. Or they'll just be ignorant idiot copy-cats with the same mentality as an Islamic suicide bomber. Either way, our way of life is in jeopardy because of these people.

Why does this even need to happen? Because most of the American masses are star-fetished mental-midgets that are hypnotized by Hollywood into thinking that they are entitled to live a theatrically suggested idea. And when those morons tried to live that suggested idea, it put them into debts that no honest person could pay, it destroyed their families and corrupted their mental perception. Those same star-feitshed losers are now realizing they'll never attain stardom and/or riches because of their own ignorance, so they want to take away the same opportunities from everyone else. It's as simple as the old saying goes, "If I can't have it, no one can!"

We, the American taxpayer (the entity bankrolling this disgusting experiment), need to understand that we no longer have the luxury of protection of property. If these disgruntled Americans aren't committing terrorist acts, they'll be pillaging your family and property; just take a look at your local police crime statistics. So we must arm and protect ourselves from these despicable characters. These barbarians will justify their criminal plunders under the umbrella of Communism; and they will not stop until someone/something stops them. The line has been drawn, you're either with the American taxpayer or your with the American losers!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ghost's Thoughts on CPAC 2010? A Libertarian Take-Over of the Conservative Movement!

If anyone cared to keep up with the mindless spectacle called CPAC this year, one would've compared it to a huge coup of headless chickens. All the attendees seemed as if they were anxiously waiting to follow any blow-hard speaker that made them feel funny in the pants. Although there were absolutely no original ideas at this event, a strange theme seemed to be very prevalent at the 2010 conference.

Many who spoke at CPAC seemed to have merged many ideas from both the Right and Left and package it up as "Libertarian." Yet, those who attended seemed to champion this new Libertarian fervor at the conference. It was as if it was a Libertarian national convention of sorts.

On top of having Glenn Beck as a key speaker this year, the annual straw-poll taken at the event had Ron Paul leading by considerable margins (33 percent). So if CPAC is any kind of political indication of the so-called "Conservative Movement," then America is destined for quasi-Communism/Socialism; no matter which side of the fence you're on.

There are many people who call themselves Libertarian that don't truly understand what political philosophy they're promoting. The term [Libertarian] has been used by many to act as an alternative to status-quo, so they use this political exploit to play cafeteria politics. All the while, the intellectuals who define this Libertarian movement know exactly the direction they want to take the country; Communism. The book cover above is one of many different works by these Libertarian thinkers. Does that look Conservative to you?

This dumbing down of the American public has greatly affected our country forever. I'm starting to believe that we are genuinely seeing the last days of Liberty, for the American masses (on all sides of politics) are willing the concept to extinction. All we had to do was conduct ourselves as a country made for The People and By The People, instead you want to live like peasants and will follow any person and/or group that will promise to take you there. What a disgrace, ALL OF YOU!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Of All the Substance I Provide in my Commentary, This is What These Kids Admire Me For... Pathetic...

A while back, I attempt to reach out to the young people agitating my show by speaking to them in a language that they could understand; rap. Believe it or not, I did what is known as a "Freestyle" rap on a recent True Conservative episode in hopes of enlightening such a dumbed down generation. Instead, they admire the fact that I can "bust a flow" like 50 cent, as opposed to understanding Conservative commentary that I'm attempting to convey.

Below is a clip made by some YouTuber that put together the "Freestyle" in question, along with the real-time chat log from the episode. Notice at the end when my chat room gets hacked and some fruity ass starts using my name to say perverted and disgusting comments (not to mention all the other garbage being said by the other tards in the chat).

I think its sad that this is what the young people post on YouTube, as oppose to my content with substance about the future of American and the infestation of quasi-Communism/Socialism. Or all the political prognostications that I've predicted and have come to pass. No instead, they are tickled that I can rap like some fake studio gangster trying to peddle them an image to consume. What idiots!

Friday, February 5, 2010

M00t From Admits His Motives. I Told You These Idiots were Leftists...

For those of you that have kept up with the show, I've been harassed and digitally terrorized by a variety of different groups linked to various websites. One of the websites in question is, a wasteland of anti-social animie nerds that use their website for anonymous child porn exchanges and terrorism plots (such as school shootings, bomb threats, online attacks, etc). These people are the true and utter scum of the Internet.

People always e-mail asking, "Who are these idiots?" For a while, I've been suggesting that these 4channers and others were Leftist agitators who were probably paid to suppress my commentary. They've hacked my chat room, terrorised True Conservative fans and prank called my radio show; all in the name of denying my right to freedom of speech. Below is a clip of the founder of who calls himself M00t (Chris Poole) admitting on camera his Leftist motives. Hate to say I was right again.

One would think that someone who is responsible for so much criminality would be held accountable through our justice system. Instead he's invited to speak at ivy league colleges to the student body and walks the streets without a care in the world. Meanwhile, he's using your children to implement his sick global Leftist agenda through cyber intimidation and/or digital terrorism. We can not allow this madness to go unchecked.

I call on parents, Conservatives, Right-Wing and Patriotic individuals to start holding these individuals accountable. If no authority is going to stop these Internet groups from committing cyber terrorism, then we must stop them ourselves. And the first place to start is at the head! Vent your frustration at the person in this video, because he thinks manipulating your children to do his will is a big joke. Lets show him how loud he'll laugh when he must answer for all that he is responsible for. This is what he looks like, so if you see him, make sure you hold him accountable. LONG LIVE the CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Reason Why Our Government Sucks is Because of the Idiots We Elect! Start Taking Life a Little More Serious You Pathetic Pieces of Crap!

It's hard to continue with any optimism for America, and at times, I feel like everything I do is a waste of time. I get thousands of e-mails from Conservative and Right-wing individuals who encourage me to continue producing content that will enlighten the masses. But as I continue to look at this vast wasteland of humanity, I feel that it may be too far gone.

Below is an example of the disgusting ignorance I speak of. It's of an interview with the Mayor of Wellford, South Carolina explaining her new "no chase" law enforcement policy. The ignorance that she displays is much like what we see as the majority of the American populous. It will begin to become clearer as you watch this clip why America will be a 3rd world country in less than 10 years.

Too many American people fall under this category of ignorance to even entertain the idea of fixing our country. I believe it will take a lot more radical Right-Wing activism to penetrate the numb skulls of these zombie-like human beings. It's a sad realization, but it has now obviously become a fact.

For those who are fueled by the desire to change this Communist transition, I say fight with even stronger vigor and audacity. And for those of us in disbelief at the stinging boil brought on by this Leftist idealism, help lance the infection so that healing can begin.

Monday, February 1, 2010

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles expose California ACORN criminals! Time to wake-up against false empathy!!

Just after exposing offices in Philidelphia and Washington D.C., James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles are at it again; exposing the criminality of the non-profit Leftist organization, ACORN, in California. And if you thought Phili and D.C. were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Below is part one of the investigative report in California. Notice the disgusting, gutter-human element that seems to be a consistent theme in O'Keefe and Giles's reports on ACORN; no matter what part of the country.

The reason that this Leftist organization is promoting theft, fraud, prostitution, pedophilia, illegal immigration and/or murder is because they are inducing class struggle; which is the most important element of Communism/Socialism. By destroying the fabric of American society, it leaves every citizen completely dependant on the State to remedy the ills that were created by those same Leftists ideologues in power. We, The People, must not allow this blatant class warfare to continue!

We are in historic times, and thank God we have many young people standing up against this Leftist infiltration. But there must be more individuals who understand that if we remain docile, we will become serfs to the State. As decent, law abiding and taxpaying individuals, we must not be fooled by the exploitation of emotionalism and the misdirection of empathy. We must demand true free-market Capitalism or else!