Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Warning to the Communist Government of China: Tiananmen Will Rise Again in the Name of the Jasmine Revolution!

Even after the murder and bloodshed, the two modern revolutions that I admire the most have been resurrected; the Iran Revolution of 2009 and the Tiananmen Square Revolution of 1989. Since the chaos in Egypt, a wave of uprisings and revolutions have spread throughout the Middle-East and now has gone even further east to awaken the spirit that inspired the people of China in 1989. Unfortunately at the time, the world watched as the Communist government massacred these revolutionaries as if they were fully armed enemy combatants. Above is a video for those who are unfamiliar with this historic tragedy.

Now the time has come for the Communist government of China to pay for its arrogant hypocrisy. The bureaucrats in the Chinese government are becoming billionaires by the day on the forced serfdom of its people in the name of Communist ideology. This contradiction was going to unearth itself no matter how much social engineering and conditioning the State attempted. And today, February 20, 2011, the people rose up once again on what is now being called the Jasmine Revolution.

This uprising is so serious, that top Communist bureaucrat Hu Jintao personally broadcasted a speech on the State run media the previous night calling for a crack down on anyone participating and/or affiliated with the Jasmine Revolution. Why such attention to a small uprising by the centralized totalitarian government? Because they know that the Chinese people never forgot the massacre at Tiananmen Square and new communication technologies (I.E. the Internet) has brought the people new ideas and perspectives that will eventually render the Communist Party useless.

The Chinese people must realize that the reason for its global success is not because of its government; its because of the people themselves. The only group benefiting from the blood, sweat and tears of the people are these billionaire bureaucrats in the Communist Party. Why must the people be indoctrinated with an ideology that preaches anti-Capitalism and yet, the authority (Communist government) enforcing this anti-Capitalist ideology are Capitalists themselves. Meanwhile, the people are prohibited from obtaining such wealth and are forced into below-slave labor all in the name of Communist ideology. The Chinese people can no longer internalise these contradictions!

To the Chinese government: the only thing that can save you is to relinquish totalitarian rule and allow your people to participate in the global economic model. Your primitive collective system is no longer needed, for the Chinese people can and will decide their own destiny. And I would bet my life that they want nothing to do with you, Mao and/or Communism. You can only abuse the loyalty of your people for so long before it all comes back around to you. But I forgot, you Commies don't believe in Karma. Well, when all the bureaucrats in the Chinese government are brought to trial before the Chinese people for their crimes against humanity, found guilty and sentenced to death; maybe you'll believe it then you totalitarian scum! Long live TIANANMEN SQUARE! Long LIVE CAPITALISM!

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