Monday, February 14, 2011

Middle-East Unrest Spreads Throughout the Region After Chaos in Egypt

It's sad to see that the agitation of a so-called Google executive, Wael Ghonim, can spread throughout the region just days after Honsi Mubarak steps down from authoritarian rule. Just as I predicted, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen are all now dealing with uprisings of their own. The mainstream media keeps propagandizing that these uprisings are being inspired by Democracy, but I feel its manipulation of the ignorant masses within the region.

The only one thing that's certain with these uprisings is that all are motivated to depose the hypocritical authorities of their nation-states; that's it! There is no evidence (with the exception of the Iranian uprising that began in 2009) that these Middle-eastern countries want Democracy nor do these uprisings have any intellectual foundation; its being fueled by emotionally impulsive barbarianism.

A lot has been put into the fact that social media started this "revolution." But lets be honest, these Middle-Eastern countries are being thrown into modernity with the same primitive thoughts and views of the world that they've held for centuries. Combine that with the naive interpretations of new introduced medias and you've got a recipe for unrest. Its no coincidence that the organizer of Egypt's digital inspired chaos was a computer-educated Google executive (with executive pay) and not a domestically educated revolutionary inspired by poverty.

The Egypt uprising has now spread! And since America was supporting (financially and militarily) the dictators of the countries now infected with this bug of chaos, do you really think the masses of these countries want "Democracy?"



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