Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google's Responsibility For the Egypt Uprising; The Aiding and Abetting of Wael Ghonim...

Its been several weeks since the beginning of the Egyptian uprising against longtime authoritarian leader Honsi Mubarak. The American media has been covering this chaos as some sort of fight for democracy, but in reality, its a disgusting display of technological mass manipulation. And Google is the major culprit of all this destruction.

At the beginning of the uprising, a Google executive named Wael Ghonim utilized Internet communication to organize the masses of Egypt. As a result, people took to the streets, and instead of demonstrating or rushing government offices to take control of the country's authority, they looted the streets like a post-Katrina wasteland. The people not only have destroyed their metropolitan cities and turned them into garbage dumps, but they're also starving their own country by prohibiting the number one source of revenue from generating income; tourism.

But all that doesn't matter to Wael Ghonim or Google. On the contrary, they've been fueling the fire of this chaos since the beginning. When Egypt attempted to halt Internet traffic to stabilize the chaos, Google created a method of Internet communication that bypassed Egyptian authorities. When Egypt authorities took Wael Ghonim into custody, Google's media influence made Ghonim look like an imprisoned freedom fighter, as opposed to what he really is; a rabble rouser. Because of Google's propaganda of Ghonim, Egyptian authorities released him in hopes of calming the uprising.

Instead, Wael Ghonim has gone back to his digital agitation and is reorganizing the chaos that has been a reality in Egypt since the uprising. Ghonim said in his most recent statement that, "I'm ready to die for revolution 2.0!" Well Mr. Ghonim, why should the country of Egypt listen to a Google sponsored crier that has no revolutionary credibility other than pushing keyboard keys really hard to tweet a primitive population into chaos?

In a recent episode of True Captialist Radio, I received a call from an American investor that had business interests in Egypt. He went on to say that his store in Cairo was seen on CNN in flames. This is not only the story for foreign investment in Egypt, but also for the local Egyptian investors that are now counting their losses because of Google and Ghonim. This is why I feel that Google's role in this uprising is threat to foreign investment and governments of nation states throughout the world.

If Google can use its communication assets to destabilize governments, what's to stop Google from using these same assets to manipulate markets, conduct identity espionage and/or creating truth out of propaganda (just as they've done with Wael Ghonim)? I think investors, governments and individuals should really analyze whats happening in Egypt, because its not setting a good precedent for global civility.

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