Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Live the Iran Revolution of 2009! Death to the Ayatollah! Death to Theocratic Hypocrisy!

Although the chaos that encompassed the so-called Egyptian uprising has spread throughout the region, the Iran revolution of 2009 has been reignited and energized. Not too long after the Iranian Totalitarian government publicly championed the Egypt uprising of 2011, the revolutionaries in Iran, that went underground after the revolution, came out yet again to protest (not riot and loot) against the Iranian authority in February 2011. Even after the Iranian government murdered thousands of peaceful protesters in the street, imprisoned so-called dissidents and executed the families of those who where thought to be apart of the rebellion in 2009, the spirit of Liberty lives on in Iran; and they have no fear to stand against the hypocrisy once again! Above are pictures of the sacrifice that young Iranian revolutionaries conducted in 2009; may fate shine brightly on them!

In December/January of 2009 on True Capitalist Radio (then known as True Conservative Radio), I screamed with anger to anyone who was listening at the time about how young Iranians were sacrificing themselves for sake of Liberty and against hypocrisy. At the time, I was personally corresponding with organizers of the revolution to exchange ideas and to publicly relay messages about their struggle. I have since lost connection with those revolutionaries, and I only hope that no harm came to them. But the reason I'm so passionate about this revolution is because I could only wish that the dumbed-down American people would cherish the Liberties that they abuse; while others in the world are sacrificing their lives to get them.

The only thing American people get motivated for is Dancing with the Stars and a Denny's free breakfast give-away. Meanwhile, the American government which consist of people we elect, continues to lie, cheat and steal with no kind of ballot box recourse. You see you fat American milky lickers, we don't have to have a revolution, uprising or chaos to keep our government representative to its constituents. Americans just have to vote for competent statesmen and hold their feet to the fire by unelecting these bureaucrats when they get too comfortable. Instead we have politicians that make careers out of public service, and after they are no longer in office, they keep the remainder of their campaign contribution account and become millionaires; tax-free!

This is why I am passionate about any nation of people who rejects government totalitarianism and embrace Liberty and/or Capitalism. And everyone around the world should be focused on Iran because when the Ayatollah falls, it will be a historic event that has an intellectual foundation; unlike Egypt which was filled with primitive barbarianism, chaos and social media manipulation.

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