Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rep. Anthony Weiner Lies to America about Penalizing People for not Complying Federally Mandated Health Insurance... What a Bureaucraitc Worm!

For all the Liberal and Feminist sheep who insist that this health care bill is universal health care, and not a federal mandate to purchase health insurance; take a look at this clip. Bill O'Reilly attempted to interview one of the Liberal regime's messenger boys, Rep. Anthony Weiner, and ask him flat out, "Who is going to enforce the law?" And Weiner, being the bureaucratic propaganda boy that he is, failed to give a straight answer and straight-up lied about how there's "no penalty" for not complying to the health care mandate.

As you watch this clip, notice how little Weiner splits hairs and changes the subject when O'Reilly presses for an answer. This is a classic leftist tactic that is meant to confuse and divert the debate so that the leftist can assert their propaganda, while evading topics that will contradict their ideology and/or agenda. Listen to this half-pint, sniveling piece of Liberal trash!

These Liberals and Feminist know that the American public is so stupid, that they can get away with this kind of snot-nosed double talk. Anyone with any kind of common sense would see right past all this nonsense! But we live in a day when the majority of American people are ignorant losers who know nothing but how to swipe credit cards and turn large quantities of food into shit. What a great experiment this country was! Now its a cesspool of ungrateful morons that feels they deserve everything for free; just because they're alive! What a steaming pile of BS!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wake up Black People! Hollywood and Entertainment are to Blame for All of the Awful Black Stereotypes!

I got lots of e-mails claiming that I was being racist on Episode #167 (at 69:00 minutes in the show) when describing Hollywood's blatant racism of Black People in America. In the episode, I used Hollywood's latest Oscar winning racist film, "Precious," as a prime example of how the entertainment industry profits (and has always profited) from racial and culturally biased suggested ideas. I loosely described a scene from the movie about how the main character "Precious" does a chicken-run (as opposed to a beer-run). People during the show, and now in e-mails, are still insisting that this scene does not exist and I was just spewing a racial diatribe. Well here's the scene in question and as you watch it, remember that this movie is embraced by Black America; bought to you by the Liberals/Feminist in Hollywood! Enjoy you milky lickers!

Friday, March 12, 2010

International Woman's Day; Here's What Feminists Claim to be "Woman Liberation!"

Today is International Woman's Day; like we're supposed to care. The moniker of "International Women's Day," is yet another attempt at political correct propaganda that is used to coerce people to misdirect their empathy. So as you celebrate this disgraceful made-up holiday, below is just one of many examples of how woman are using their "Liberation!" And as you watch this, I ask you: How can our society survive this depravity?

You have to remember that women now dress like this to places like the grocery store; and we wonder why we have such a sexual deviate society? This International Women's day, I want women to remember that instead of using your "liberation" to create innovations, cure diseases, build buildings, etc; you all did this and then expect then everyone to give you a pad on the ass about it! Well I think you need a slap into reality; you're now subliminal prostitutes!