Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liberal and Feminist Hollywood justifies Roman Polanski's pedophelia! But Polanski must pay!

I was happy to hear that Roman Polanski was arrested for a 30+ year old child molestation charge by Switzerland authorities under advisement of the United States. Polanski and his sick fans are shocked (to say the least) because Polanski actually thought he was going to get away with this twisted crime he committed. But now that he's in Swiss custody, Polanski is trying everything in his power to try to stop his extradition to the United States, for he knows he will have to pay the piper.

Meanwhile, the mainstream boob tube media is treating this arrest as unjust, and are questioning the statute of limitations of the charge. But how can the Liberals and Feminist media justify pedophilia? This should open the eyes of some of you mindless people on the sideline.

I personally think Roman Polanski or anyone who molests children should be put to death. These damn sick perverts know that they can rob a child of their innocence and get nothing more than a couple of years in prison. As opposed to those that are doing 10+ year for drug offences. There is no excuse for molesting or thinking about molesting children.

This just underscores the depths of depravity that is ideology of Liberalism. We can no longer accept this idealism as legitimate and should consider it more as a disease. Anyone who thinks that Roman Polanski's arrest is unjust should do the world a favor a scarf yourself. I throw a party every time a child molester is dead and you should too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The black community needs to listen to Judge Lynn Toler. Stop perpetuating the "Black Stereotype" and crying racism!

Since my controversial shows about race relations, I've been bombarded with e-mails claiming I'm a racist; even though I advised my listeners to read Malcolm X's autobiography (a great book for all races). In the same discourse, I highlighted Judge Lynn Toler as a Black American that the Black community so look to for guidance and example.

I understand that Judge Lynn Toler is just a TV court show judge, but the lectures she gives to people is obviously overlooked by those who should be listening. I'm an avid watcher of her program, for I feel that Judge Toler provides legitimate substance to those within her own Black community. Below is an example of Judge Lynn Toler in action; why does this intelligent, successful and Conservative Black woman not have major emphasis in the Black community?

The reason Judge Lynn Toler is not emphasised within the Black community is explained in the video clip posted above. She holds no punches and tells those within the Black community how it is (not how the Black community wants it to be).

Instead, most of the Black community is enamoured with this supposed Hip-hop/Rap culture. The Black community has been bamboozled by a music/entertainment industry funded by white Liberal elites (just look who signs the checks of the rappers and their make-shift record companies) that have induced them into believing that Hip-Hop/Rap culture is correlated with the Black community's social identity. These rappers make millions exploiting their own people with gangster imagery, even though all these rappers never lived what they say.

The Black community needs to begin to identify the internal problems within themselves (just as Malcolm X always said), and understand that they need to begin to take responsibility for their actions. That's why I watch Judge Lynn Toler, she isn't afraid to tell Black Americans to take the responsibility necessary to progress in the free world. GO JUDGE LYNN!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe; the modern-day Woodward and Bernstein!

In a day an age when the "mainstream media" entertains us as apposed to informing us, its refreshing to see young aspiring journalists taking it upon themselves to expose the current Liberal corruption plaguing America today. I've personally been overly vocal on the True Conservative Radio show about the blatant abuse of government funded entitlement, non-profit and/or health care systems. And those who attempt to defend the previous, claim that such abuse is in the name of helping people.

Well thanks to two young people who took it upon themselves to unearth obvious criminality within a supposed "community organization" group, the Liberal regime has to now start answering questions its been consistently evading. Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe are the names of the young individuals who exposed ACORN for what it is, a government-funded organization created to show America's losers, derelicts and/or degenerates how to commit fraud against the American taxpayer.

Giles and O'Keefe went undercover with a hidden video camera posing as a prostitute and a pimp. They went into an unknown number of ACORN locations in Baltimore and Washington D.C. and captured ACORN employees advising the couple how to skirt around the Federal Government to get free housing to open up an underage brothel. It almost sounds like a joke, but I wish I was kidding.

Thanks to great young Americans like Giles and O'Keefe, I'm optimistic about the future of the country. It's about time to witness the young people impress me with their will to fight for what is right. All Americans, both young and old, should use these two young people as examples of how motivated individuals can contribute to making their country better. We need more true patriots like these! Wake up AMERICA! Liberalism and Feminism has ruined this great country!!!!