Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congress Plays Political Theatre with the Corporate Socialist Executives of Goldman Sachs! What a Disgrace to Capitalism!

Nearly 10 hours of political theatre was conducted by a Senate investigations panel on Tuesday (April 27, 2010) to confront Goldman Sachs executives about their alleged nefarious financial scheme relating to the sub prime mortgage fiasco. As the proceedings began, President Obama conveniently had a press conference with some Keynesian economic weasel advisor standing next to him; he [Obama] went on a teleprompted rambling about how a "deficit commission" was needed to look into ways to bring down the the U.S. debt. The President got on his typical soapbox and blamed past administrations and Congresses for the high deficits (even though Obama has signed into law more government spending then all previous Presidents combined), and he called for an immediate government spending freeze but didn't go into detail on how deficits will be reduced (my prognostication; high, high, high taxes!).

After the media-stunt press conference by the President, the Senate panel's political theatre had already begun. The Senators acted as if they were trying to get to the bottom of something and the Goldman Sachs goons did the typical, "I don't recall" legal language. It was the biggest waste of time and an insult to the taxpayer's intelligence. But truth be told, all the actors (Corporate and Political) in this Socialist scheme are guilty of misleading clients and taxpayers alike.

I prognosticated on my Internet Radio Show around the time Stimulus Package 2 bill was passed, that this Liberal government was allowing an open raid on the American tax paying system for the purposes of using the engineered raid as grounds to push for Leftist legislation, massive government growth and Socialist-like economic policies; which the end goal is the destruction of true Capitalism. Remember this, Goldman Sachs and many other financial institutions would've never have gotten the "big bonuses" that Leftists love to tout if the Liberal regime itself had not given our tax dollars to these disgusting Corporate jokers in the name of "not letting them fail." If we would've let Goldman Sachs and other like-institutions to fail, the justice system (in a perfect America) would've pursued the Corporate culprits for their financial schemes, and we would've never have had these fake Senate hearings.

But the true purpose of the Senate investigations panel was to propagandize against Capitalism to the ill-informed and under-educated American public; and it worked! But let us not be fooled, the the U.S. government is Goldman Sachs and what these criminals have staged is not crooked Capitalism! Lest we forget that the Senators on the investigation panel were the biggest beneficiaries from the vary executives they were "questioning." Also lets remember the number of ex-Goldman Sachs executives littered throughout this Liberal regime. And to show you what kind of pull these Goldman Wall street Socialist have with our government, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, was questioned in private by the same side show Senate investigations panel in December of 2009; there are no transcripts, recordings or even notes relating to this private Q&A session.

The culmination of all this staging this week? Political positioning to force this Financial Reform Bill down the American public's throat so that this Liberal regime can redefine the economic mode of production and end true Capitalism. The public opinion after the fake Goldman Sachs hearing has already suppressed any potential Congressional opposition to this Financial Reform Bill. No official bill has been finalized as of yet (although that can change at any minute), but there's talk of adding laws against short sales of securities, expanding more incompetent (not to mention perverted) government bureaucracy into the private sector, giving economic authority to an international consortium, etc; all of which is anti-Free-Market, anti-Capitalism and pro-Socialism.

Once again, I call on all true Capitalists and Constitutionalists to stand up against these criminals in government office and these Wall street Socialists! I feel that its time for the radicalization of true Capitalists and all young people who will reap what all these Leftist are sowing for them today. We should utilize, refine and innovate the methods used by past Leftist radicals that preceded this Leftist dominated system. There's no time for parties, no time for personalities and no time for ideas that have been proven failures. Its time to fight for the idea that brought all of us into modernity, the idea that brought us prosperity and the idea that has been proven to truly inspire the greatest in men; Capitalism! If we don't fight now, we'll end up in complete disarray like Europe's current state of perpetual economic insolvency.