Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To All the Ghost Fan's: I'm Alive and Very Well, But Am A Changed Man! I Will Be Back Sooner than You Think!

I've gotten many e-mails, tweets and messages of concern over my extended absence from the True Conservative Radio Show. I want to tell all who are concerned that I'm very much alive and living large in the Obama economy. I've made considerable amounts of profit within the past several months on a variety of different ventures. First of all, the stock market has been up for the past couple months; giving tremendous gains on my long-term investments and nice market volatility for day trading stocks and futures. Secondly, because of all the in-migration of American people moving to Texas (not to mention the foreclosure freeze), the real estate market in Texas has been unbelievably generous to investors and speculators alike; I sold two properties for 10 times what I paid for them 25 years ago. Third, my brick-mortar businesses have increased in profits on average 40% of because of the carpet-baggers settling in Texas, its creating a heightened demand for goods and services in the region (which increases costs by default). And last but not least, I was already sitting on a very comfortable nest-egg because I've been a fiscal Conservative all my life. So what does all this mean?

I've been a True Conservative all my life, and I feel betrayed and insulted by what today's "Conservative" has turned out to be. It breaks my heart to know what I believed in has been made a mockery by those who've hi-jacked the word Conservative. Sarah and Bristol Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Aqua Buddha have become the mouth-pieces to what I dedicated my fucking life too; it makes me SICK!!! IT SHATTERS MY SOUL!

So now that I'm rich enough to retire and not give a shit anymore, I think I'm going to do just that. I renounce the Conservative movement and all that it represents; its a contradiction, a fake, a fraud! I will no longer be political (unless in pertains to Capitalism), nor will I do a show that will be political. The show will simply be named, "The Ghost Show."

I'm making arrangements so that I may conduct the show at least 3 times a week. More than anything, I'm going to attempt to reach more teenagers and peeps in there 20's so they can get real advice that mommy, daddy and/or school won't tell them. I'm going to move the show time to 9:00pm CTS so more people can get a chance to listen live. If you thought True Conservative Radio was dangerous, you ain't seen nothing yet!

I will go into more detail on all the changes to my life and the show on the next (should I say, first edition) of The Ghost Show. I know this may come as a shock to the True Conservative fans that appreciated my political views, but lets face it; the American public is a group of simplistic idiots. I gave almost 5 years of my life in hopes reaching the American public, and all they did was watch "Dancing With Stars." So now, its my LIFE and I'm going to live on the edge for the last years of it. Spread the word and enjoy!


  1. Glad to hear you're moving the time to something earlier. I've been a fan since back in the day when I used to prank call you back in the winter and simply haven't been able to listen because I have to get up early for work.

  2. Good to hear you're still alive and kickin' Ghost, looking forward to more shows.

    Oh, and Scanty & Kneesocks rocks.

  3. Glad to know you're doing fine.

    I'm always looking for more programs on my Internet radio station and would love to air your show when you get it back running again.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at webmaster@wwpmmedianet.info or wwpmmedianet@nwcable.net.

  4. Holly Lynn from BTRDecember 20, 2010 at 1:48 AM

    Ghost it is good to hear you are alive and well. You have been missed. You are right about the ones watching Dancing With the Stars. I stopped watching tv awhile back. At most I will catch some local news here and there. You have been missed and I am looking forward to you new show coming up. See you there soon :)

  5. Ghost, can we expect a new show early 2011? We anxiously await the return of the greatest podcast ever, The Ghost Show.

  6. Ghost is back, finally. Keep it up Ghost.

  7. She increased taxes and increase the size and scope of government while the governor of Alaska. So did Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush. Newt Gingrich never met a compromise he didn't like.

    Mitt Romney took over as governor of a real state where a super majority of legislators were going to pass universal healthcare no matter the cost. He forced the Taxachusetts legislature to pass the bill without raising taxes. He also oversaw the only profitable Olympic Games in the history of the World in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. And last of all he spent his time in the private sector busting unions and liquidating the assets of moribund companies to enrich shareholders which as a true conservative I love.

    Rudy Guiliani provided a net tax cut for most living in NYC. He cut the size and scope of NYC government.

    Chris Christie has cut taxes and cut government in his short time in office.

    True conservatives know who will lead us down a path of prosperity and who will betray us like George W. Bush.

    By The Last True Conservatives Left in America.

    P.S. I'm still willing to stand up and fight the forces of evil. Someday I will lead true conservatives out of the ashes and into the pages of history but not today and not for a number of decades. The time will come though, so act accordingly.

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