Friday, January 29, 2010

The Youth Begins to Rise Up Against Leftist Ideology! It's YOUR TIME NOW Young People!!

Right when I feel that all hope is lost for America, the youth does something inspirational that re energizes my optimism for our great country. A group calling themselves is going to universities around the country setting up mock Communist style gulags in the middle of the campuses and pretending to protest as Communist extremists. The point is to show students and other observers how dangerous, yet ridiculous, Leftist ideas really are.

Below is a video clip showing the group in action as they set up a gulag in the middle of Washington University. Watch as the Leftist Washington University administration tries everything in their bureaucratic power to shut down the peaceful demonstration. The administration finally shuts it down when they find some bureaucratic rule that they enforce on the group.

Remember the Baby Boomers in the 60's and how extreme they were (Weather Underground, Chicago 7, Black Panthers, etc) in the name of Leftist ideology. Now its time for the youth of America to rise to the historical occasion, and do what ever is necessary to reject this hypocritical generation[Leftist Baby Boomers] that left you [the youth] with nothing but a portly picture of Mao.

James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, are but few of many more young individuals that will heed the call and rise to the occasion. Those brave young souls who stand up against the Communist/Socialist take over of America should inspire us all! Especially you young people who are hypnotised by Liberal Hollywood, turn off the TV and stand up to oppressors who wish to take away your Life, Liberty and Property! It's YOUR TIME NOW!


  1. No, I think the proper comment would be that YOU do not care. Others DO care, you are just to inept to see reality for what it is. Coming into blogs and saying inane things like it makes you cool, but ghost is proving that he is right all the time, every time someone pranks him or hacks his chat room, He has proven the kids of today have no backbone, and will not stand up for what they believe.

    It is the young people's time to stand up. When will they, I do not know if they even will. There a few good ones, but the sad thing is that the majority of young people "do not care"!

    Keep screamin' it ghost, keep screamin' it!

  2. Notice how the two bitch admins had to wait for Sgt. Mark. Then we he got there, thats when these Maoist bitches got confrontational and brave.

    You were always right about Feminism Ghost, this video is proof of what you've been saying.