Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scott Brown's Massachusetts Senate win; What it really means for American politics.

Ever since the Massachusetts Senate win by Scott Brown, those on the "Right" side of American politics are having a bigger circle-jerk now than they did about that dunce Sara Palin. But as you can see from the picture on the left, there seems to be a trend amongst our American populous when choosing its leaders; they have to be beauty queens (if they're female) or look good with their shirts off (if they're male).

We, the American people, are at the most pivotal point in history; our economy is broken, our education system is crippled, Communists/Socialists ideas have warped our political conscience, our country is in combat theatres all over the globe, terrorists want to kill us, etc. And yet, you morons are choosing your leaders like you're choosing bareback one-night stand partners.

Mark Levin and other lip-service paying mouth pieces on the Right were claiming that Brown's election was some how a victorious win to take our country back. As if anyone on the Right (besides yours truly) has laid any new and/or original ideas that could genuinely galvanize a base for long term control of the political system; the Right has done and/or said nothing but watch the Left trip over its own hunger for power. Now, as we see with the Brown win, we're seeing the recourse of American people on the stagnate and hypocritical Liberal regime.

Our country is too damaged to play this see-saw political game of "Which Political Party has the hottest piece of ass." We need leaders that can present new ideas that can rebuild our tattered country. We need our youth to rise up in protest and demand the opportunities from the generations of old; Life, Liberty and Property! WE ARE NOT SOCIALISTS! And the only way we can prove that we still deserve Liberty is to act as if we still care about it by electing Statesmen instead of attractive idiots that make you feel funny in the pants; and that goes for the whole political spectrum (Right, Left, Middle, etc).

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