Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Housing/Economic Collapse of 2010 is coming to an American Family Near YOU!!!

For those who thought the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008 was bad, wait until you see what's in store for 2010. For years I've been screaming about how our political, economic and social systems have been corrupted by people's complacency, consumption and ignorance. Now we're going to pay the piper; with interest! Below is a clip from 60 minutes outlining just a few financial instruments that will be contributing even more devastation to just the housing markets in 2010. Enjoy you gluttonous, ignorant American ass clowns!

And I ask you Liberals, why is your regime allowing the banks to get away with such malarkey? How can you mindless Leftist minions allow the American taxpayer system to be raided by the entities that you used to claim were your sworn enemies? I tell you why, because Leftists don't care about anything but getting a higher and/or more powerful bureaucratic position within the systems of authority to assert their warped totalitarian ideas.

Meanwhile, hard-working Americans taxpayers are funding a Liberal government system that's obviously destroying this great country from within. These soulless Leftists are driven by fanatical ideology that has been proven a failure throughout the times of history. Now that they have complete control of our country, they [Leftists] no longer have to hide behind the veil of compassion and empathy; for they are now showing their true colors to the world. And if you still oblige this Liberal regime, its leaders or its ideas, then you personally have the blood of millions of American workers/families on your hands.


  1. All of these markets are inflated, at one point or another, on how people believe the future of the stock, or in this case, a market, will fare. When dealing with future trading on a whole market level, you are "betting" that the stock will hit a certain price, within a time period set by the investors or the market as a whole.

    The trouble starts when these banks not only put money into the market on the whim that the price will go up, the bigger problem actually is that the government steps in, says YOU MUST give people in specific income brackets loans, without even worrying if those group of people can afford the loan. THIS is the cause for the housing collapse, even if Congress does not want to admit it to the people.

    The government, in my view, has no place to tell banks or any other institution who to lend to when it comes to the money they hold. Because of this, and because these large institutions got nice deals when lending to the unlendable, we had a HUGE rise in the amount of home sales during the late 1990's through the early 2000's and beyond. The housing market "crashed" because the people could not afford to pay these loans, the banks went under, and the government stepped in to help those they felt like helping.

    The problem is, and what the politicians will not tell you is that we have not seen the end of all of this. The banks have went back to their old ways of lending because they are now lending public money, not their own. Those who still have mortgages, and were lent the money because they were in a class of society where our government felt it right to lend money to for a home have not defaulted yet, but will very soon. Also, as I have said, the banks went back to their old ways, so in 5 to 10 years we will have the same problem again.

    All this does is allow the federal government to get their hands into the pot, and control the banks from Washington. As long as the heads of these banking institutions are allowed to take "kick backs" for being morons, this will keep happening. As long as our government rewards failure and punishes success, then we will see more of the same. Until we can get it through the heads of the politicians that they have spent all of our money and now they are spending "debt" that they have sold and that is not sustainable for the long term, we will fall deeper into debt and at some point will have to pay higher taxes to rectify the situation. The debt will not go away, and it must be resolved on way or another. In a perfect world we could throw out many of these social programs that do nothing but hold people down, but I do not hold out much hope for that.

    The country is being sold to the highest bidder, and as long as the ends justify the means for these politicians it will keep happening the same way, over and over, until we have no more countries to go to for money.

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