Wednesday, January 20, 2010

President Barack Obama's first year in office; what do you think? This what Liberal Hollywood told you was going to happen this time last year...

Well it's been one year since the swearing in of Barack Obama as President of the United States, and all looks completely different than what was sold to the millions of star fetished Americans that voted him into office. Prior to Obama becoming President, the American people were promised an instant utopia by a collective allegiance to Liberal ideology. Below is a propaganda video produced by Liberal Hollywood around election time last year. Notice the suggestions of sacrifice, socialism and struggle in this video; and all this is coming out the suck holes of celebrity multi-millionaires who don't at all follow the suggestions mention previous.

Now that it's a year later, with our entire government system (Congress, Executive, etc) being ran by this Liberal regime, would these celebrities make another propaganda video today validating the claims and suggestions made in this one? Would these hypocritical Hollywood assholes make a video justifying the Liberal regime's mandated open raid on the American taxpaying system by Wall street and corporate cronies ? Would they make a video about how terrorists now have Constitutional rights because of the Liberal's idea of "Change?" Or would these dumb ass Hollywood milky-lickers make a propaganda video about how Obama won the Nobel Peace prize; even though he's increased troop deployment and combat theatres?

The idiotic celebrities in this video should be held accountable for providing false advertising and blatant propaganda to the American people. The stars in this video should not be given anymore of our time, energy and/or money until they admit they lied to us all! It will be a great day when Hollywood is in a museum of antiquity, for they have provided nothing to the world but Leftist propaganda and destructive behaviour.

What do you think?


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