Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rahm Emanuel jokes about the First Amendment being "over-rated." When will the True American Patriots stand up?

I've been screaming for almost 4 years about how the Leftist ideology has corrupted the American political conscience, and how these Liberals are creaming in their pants to take away your freedom. How about hearing it straight from the White House Chief of Staff's mouth! Below is a video clip of Rahm Emanuel saying to a reporter that the First Amendment was "over-rated." Enjoy you politically complacent milky lickers!

Why can't the American people understand the seriousness of the situation at hand. This system was a government made for the people and by the people, but if the people fall asleep at the wheel, you'll have authoritarian bureaucrats (like this idiot in the video above) trying to take your Liberty away. We can not stand for this any longer! Its time for you morons to stand up and participate! SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!


  1. This is just another example, ghost, of what happens when we elect people to office that have their own agenda and could care less what the Constitution has to say. I have heard Emanuel too many times that I have a hard time believing that what he had to say here was a joke of any kind. This is his train of thought. Shutting up the people who do not agree with him and the President's agenda is not something new. These are the same people who back the FCC and their ideas on regulating the internet and also the use of the Fairness Doctrine. If we the people do not speak up, this agenda will go through.

    Keep your voice loud ghost, and do not let these people bring you down. They want us to fight each other, and we must see the big picture!

  2. It was a joke, even Fox said that, are you so dumb that you don't even understand that?