Monday, February 1, 2010

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles expose California ACORN criminals! Time to wake-up against false empathy!!

Just after exposing offices in Philidelphia and Washington D.C., James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles are at it again; exposing the criminality of the non-profit Leftist organization, ACORN, in California. And if you thought Phili and D.C. were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Below is part one of the investigative report in California. Notice the disgusting, gutter-human element that seems to be a consistent theme in O'Keefe and Giles's reports on ACORN; no matter what part of the country.

The reason that this Leftist organization is promoting theft, fraud, prostitution, pedophilia, illegal immigration and/or murder is because they are inducing class struggle; which is the most important element of Communism/Socialism. By destroying the fabric of American society, it leaves every citizen completely dependant on the State to remedy the ills that were created by those same Leftists ideologues in power. We, The People, must not allow this blatant class warfare to continue!

We are in historic times, and thank God we have many young people standing up against this Leftist infiltration. But there must be more individuals who understand that if we remain docile, we will become serfs to the State. As decent, law abiding and taxpaying individuals, we must not be fooled by the exploitation of emotionalism and the misdirection of empathy. We must demand true free-market Capitalism or else!


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