Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google bans the True Conservative Blog from Adsense. Yet another Internet company banning Ghost for his political views...

Well it looks like Google doesn't appreciate the content produced by the True Conservative Blog, so they [Google] have now permanently banned us from participating in the Adsense program. It's no coincidence that Google bans me a couple of days after I singled them out as a major financial contributor to America's current Liberal regime on episode #154.

Although I gave kudos to Google for threatening to leave China, their actions against me proves their true authoritarian, left-leaning nature. Google also claims that I'm some how manipulating the pay-per-click numbers by hacking and/or inducing people to click advertisements. First of all I'm not hacking anything; but inducing users to visit advertisers is the whole purpose of advertising in the first place.

Countless times I've been spammed, blind linked and lied to through a variety different Internet methods; and most have been motivated to get me (and other users) to click Ads by Google. But I guess Google doesn't mind spammers and Internet blind linkers, just as long as your not a True Conservative who believes in the Constitution. And its not even like I've actually seen a check from these Leftist fruity asses [Google]; this month was going to be my first check from this filthy company and it was only for $140 (and that's after 3+ years of accumulated clicks).

It's not about the money, its the principle of the scenario in question. Google Adsense prominently displays stories of individuals who make up to $10,000 a month using their big brother advertising system. Here I've made $140 in 3+ years and now they're banning and not going to pay me? It's obviously because of my political views and ideology which is nothing new; I've been banned from MySpace, Facebook and other social networking site because of what I say. But it will not stop me!

Google's stock price is about $600 a share, and that's because of us [the people]! How about we, the people, stop consuming in Google products and services so we can cut this corporate entity down to size (just like we did to Microsoft). I've already told all my investor friends to sell the Goog stock, unless they want to promote authoritarian Leftists. It will be a great day when we see this over evaluated stock go to down to double digits; maybe then these Google Leftist will embrace actual free market capitalism. Piss off Google! You're fruiting the world up anyway!


  1. Google has used that excuse on many others as well. if they have some sort of poof that you are actually intentionally inflating your numbers for profit that would be one thing, but asking people to click an ad that is on your site is not abuse at all, it is advertisement as it should be.

    If I were to put ads on my site (never ads by Google but ads that I have gone out and received on my own from a specific company) they would LOVE the fact that I told people to click on the link, because that is the purpose of the link. Google, with their pay per click ad nonsense, uses a system that in theory does not even work! They tell you to put up ads on your site, tell you that when people click you get paid, but in fine print (and I have red the fine print) tell you that you cannot explicitly tell people to click on the ads themselves, because that would be running up your own numbers. In theory however, the advertisers want people to click on their ads but google does not want to pay you for those clicks because in some way it was a malicious act asking people to click on them in the first place. AND 'ROUND WE GO! It never ends with these people at Google.

    They may be doing the right thing with China, but the fact is they are ruining their name here in the United States because this has happened to many people I have spoken to over the past few months about adsense. I will not even advertise my website on google adsense for this exact reason. They have not figured out their theory is flawed yet, while more and more every single day go to BING to use their search engine.

    I hope that crappy Google Phone FLOPS! It will teach Google a lesson that, as you have said, Microsoft learned the hard way many years ago.

  2. Well, you DID kinda break their Terms and Conditions by begging everyone to click your ads...because "IT'S JUST A FREAKIN' CLICK!".

    For some reason, I highly doubt Google cares about the fact that you're just some whackjob, small-time wannabe Glenn Beck broadcasting from the Looney Bin Bunker whenever the wild hair gets up your ass to do a show.

    Maybe you should have read the terms instead of just scrolling down and clicking accept. Just saying.

  3. Death to Google!

  4. OR, Anonymous, Google could be a little bit more explicit in their terms. I am guessing that you have not read the terms in which we are talking about, leaving your opinion meaning nothing at all. Google wants to put ads on your site, they want people to click them and go to who bought the ad. We can all agree on that! BUT, in turn, they do not want you to TELL people to actually CLICK on the ad. This is why you do not see meaningful ads on adsense, because businesses and organizations alike have seen these terms and think it is a bunch of crap! That is why I stayed away from advertising with Google, because pay per click only works if the company actually is going to allow you to TELL people there are ads on your site and that you want people to click them.

    In the meantime Google makes THOUSANDS of dollars each day off of this program, paying out very little because they tell you that you broke TOS. Ghost here may have technically, without egregious intent, broken the TOS, but inside the TOS it states that you must do this intentionally. That would be like me telling you, personally, to go to my site and sit there all day clicking ads and I will give you half of what I make. That is malicious intent. What was done is here is not malicious. In my opinion, after reading the Terms of this services agreement, Google takes advantage of people who buy space on adsense and also those who put the links on their site. They do not have to give you a good reason. The reason gave to ghost was silly at best.

    Read the terms and then maybe we can talk a little more, until then anonymous it really makes little sense for you to open your mouth without knowledge of the terms in question.

  5. think I would have said anything without knowing exactly what I was talking about? You can't copy and paste on this so I'll just post the link on my name and you can check it out for yourself.

    It will be right next to 5) Prohibited Uses. Yeah...the part that says "You shall not, and shall not encourage any third parties to directly generate queries or clicks on any ad, link, search result, etc.

    And I didn't even need to question your "knowledge" of the topic here, but less vague can you get than you shall not? Srsly. Kthxbai.

    Enjoy your butthurt, faggot.

  6. internet = serious business