Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama laughs at the American people's problems! But this is America's fault!

Those of you who listen to the True Conservative Radio show know about my feelings on the Liberalization, Feminization and the Pussification of America. I've always said that these Liberals and Feminists promise their followers everything from false opportunities to houses in the sky. But inevitably, once they get into power, they not only go back on these sensational promises, but also laugh in the faces at those who believed the rhetoric. This video is a perfect example what I always speak of!

Where are all you Obama supporters now? He's allowing Wall Street to raid the American taxpayer system, worrying about college basketball brackets and laughing in your Karl Marx worshiping faces. But I said it for 2 years on the radio, and the writing was all over the wall. All the problems we currently face is the American people's fault for not paying attention and indulging themselves on things the couldn't afford. I don't know what the future holds, but after this vid, it doesn't look good!

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