Monday, April 13, 2009

Take advantage of the True Conservative Radio Archive before its gone!

I know that it's been sometime since I've blogged on this site, and I'm sorry to all those who frequent this page. But it's hard to continue with such political energy when the Liberal and Feminist establishment continues its quest to agitate my radio show, my Conservative principles and me personally. Although these fruity bastards think they're breaking me down, they are very sadly mistaken.

I plan on making my presence more noticeable by providing all the content I can muster. This means more radio shows, blogs, tweets, etc; but I need your help to make this possible. I always tell those who follow my content to support it by visiting the sponsors who allow such content to be free. Unfortunately, it seems my calls have fallen on deaf ears.

So I've decided to start the process of migrating the archive that is currently free on and transferring it to iTunes for a small price per episode (the price is yet to be decided but its in the range of $.25-$.79). This applies to episodes a month old and older. The process will begin at the end of April.

I'm sorry to all those who find this news disheartening, but its something that must be done for the sake of the True Conservative Radio program. We will still broadcast live at the usual times and the live streams will always be free. I encourage all the listeners to start listening to as many shows on the archive as possible; while its being still housed @ ! Thank you for your understanding.



  1. I'll be having a word with blogtalk about this.

  2. You're a fucking racist!

    1. You liberal scum, get off this website if you have nothing legit to say!

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