Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In 2010, vote for anyone who isn't affiliated with the Democrats or the Republicans!

I can't help to think that by 2010, one of the two political parties will some how dupe the American people into believing that the other is responsible for the economic depression we currently find ourselves in as a nation. But we need not look any further than the man/woman in the mirror. Instead of being keenly aware and active in our political system, the people just decided to live how Liberal and Feminist Hollywood, entertainment and media told them to. It's the American people's decadence and ignorance that put us in this situation.

The most unfortunate part about this whole scenario, when the people finally decided to get so-called "political" in 2008, they [American people] flocked to the political ideas and promises that we fought against in the Cold War. Why? Because the majority of Americans completely screwed their lives up via children they can't raise, debt they can't pay and aspiring to meaningless dreams that could never be attained. And now that these apparent realizations are starting to bring them back to earth, they are looking to any remedy or cure to keep them in the clouds; even if its a lie! It's like those unfortunate souls who are stricken with an incurable disease and go to voodoo doctors or faith healers to cure their fatal ailments; its morbid conman horse crap! But that's how the Liberals and Feminists (Karl Marx worshiping lunatics), who are presently in power, got there; by promising these idiots who live in the sky that they'll keep them afloat.

Instead the present party in power allowed an open raid on the American taxpaying system, while throwing the entitlement spongers a few more dollars so they can feel like they accomplished something (like a raise or job promotion for doing nothing but being moocher and voting for the Liberals and Feminists). What is taking place in America is grotesque and pathetic! But as sad as it is to say, its our fault.

The only attempt to remedy this situation is to seriously get involved politically at the ballot box. You want to real change and bring America back to how we remember it and the way it should be, then VOTE!!!! I encourage and plead to you all not only to vote, but don't for anyone affiliated with any of the two major parties (Democrat or Republican). These party's are the problem and the people need to show them that we don't need them! So vote for anyone else! At this point the more unconventional and nontraditional, the better! This way, if the government really messes up, we'll know its because the milky lickers we voted for didn't know diddly.

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