Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2007 births breaks 1950's baby boomer record! We can no longer accept Feminism making life trivial!

I hate to tell you nimrods I told you so but, I told you so! For the past 2 years I've broadcasted the True Conservative Radio show, I've been harshly criticized for my views on Feminism (lets not forget those Liberal long-hairs) and its affects on the family. I've consistently said that because of the desensitisation of the human conscience (via TV, Radio, Film, Entertainment, etc) that life itself has become a trivial notion. Feminism has equated woman liberation with single women having 14 children, having 5 or 6 divorces or becoming some dirty dishrag whore. Our entitlement and social programs have turned baby-making into big business to single broads who can't stay off their back. But the reason I'm criticized is because I tell the truth how it is!

Well then comes a report today out of the AP that "2007 US births break 50's record." The difference is that the 50's baby boomers had 2 parents in the home to raise them; single parents are the majority of the present day. This spells disaster to the generations of the future, for they will be raised by the TV and the State. I can't believe what we have become!

I, for one, will not submit! I will not embraced this new single-parent/broken home version of society (excluding those who lost their spouse due to natural death). That's why whenever I see a single mother with multiple children, I give her no sympathy! For I know she's collecting generous revenues and dividends from the State, child support and idiots who fall for her sympathy routine. I see it constantly whenever I go down to south Texas (especially San Antonio); nothing but free-loading, food card carrying, entitlement receiving single mothers with 3+ kids trailing them like hoard of rodents.

Of course, the Liberal and Feminist media highlights this new baby-boom as some sort of great achievement. But folks, look around you! Is this achievement? We should all be ashamed of our decadent and materialistic selves. I spit on those who attempt to utilize my criticisms of the American people as fuel to light a Molotov cocktail of lies about me, my patriotism or my loyalty to this country. That's why I'll continue to throw everything in the face of the American people because you all allowed all this to happen; fair and square!

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  1. You are absolutely right. The internet, iphone, sex robots, fake babies, and more are just going to increase this crap unless the grandparents step up and take back some of the reins.