Monday, March 14, 2011

Public Unions Believe They Are Too Patriotic To Be Compensated Like Everyone Else in America; By The Merits of Their Skill and Work Ethic!

A recent blog I posted where I highlighted and criticized the teachers unions of America made top news on NewsVine this week. I was amazed at how many pro-union comments were chastising me for stating the obvious. The pro-union crowd got so digitally irate, they went as far as trying to take down the post on NewsVine by attempting to gang flag the seed for inappropriate material. Thankfully, NewsVine isn't intimidated by the one track, angry-mob mentality that seems to be the foundation of union thinking. As I read the almost 500 comments, I noticed a sense of arrogance and entitlement that was a reoccurring theme in the pro-union posts. They practically said that they were too patriotic to be paid like Americans in the private sector. These pro-union comments went as far to suggest that private sector workers deserved their "lower paying wages" because they weren't smart enough to join a union. Above is a clip of these same public unions taking over the Wisconsin capitol building because they don't want to accept that the State can't pay their inflated bureaucratic budgets. They then sing the National Anthem showing that they are the real patriots, and those in the private sector work for them.

First of all, there is nothing patriotic about utilizing mob rule to extort money from any organization; especially the taxpayer. It is a fact that public worker jobs are notorious for being occupations with limited responsibilities and exuberant pay; they've always gotten paid more than those in the private sector. Now these bureaucrats believe they should continue this gravy train, even though states are economically insolvent.

Another frequent comment is that public workers are "taxpayers." I, for the life of me, can not understand how one can be a taxpayer when they are paid by taxpayer dollars. In reality, public workers are not increasing tax revenue with their taxpayer funded income. Consequently, they are removing tax revenue and paying "taxes" with private sector taxation; in essence, paying taxes with taxes. So public workers quoting "paying taxes" as justification for exploiting taxpayers is ridiculous. Below is a video of Milton Freidman explaining it for you simpletons!

I'm also taken back by the disgusting mob scene displays that public workers seem to be so proud to take part in. Without any consideration for anyone or anything but their annual increased salaries, lifetime tenures and annual percentage increased pensions. They don't care if they bankrupt states, take away from basic services or jeopardize their community's civility, as long as their "power" (as stated by Bob Chanin) is vulgarly displayed. Which can be a window into why our children have taken a back seat in the global economy.

These union protest are setting a precedent of entitlement greed that is going to sweep the nation in the years to come. Just think, these are "educators" that are acting a fool and causing unrest for the sake of collective bargaining rights and perks. Now imagine these ungrateful baby boomers when the government has to cut Social Security, imagine when cuts have to be made in unemployment, food card (stamps), housing voucher program and all the other entitlements that the American people feel is their birth right. Its not a pretty picture, but thank a teacher when that day comes...


  1. Ghost, I got to say, teachers suck, I've worked as a substitute teacher a couple of times as a favor to some people, I have no proper education in this field, you're mostly just asked to act as a dungeon keeper, don't let the students run wild and tell them to shut up and follow orders. Things never change.