Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mike Vallely Comes to True Capitalist Radio for a LIVE Interview on March 18, 2011! Spread It Around Like Wildfire!

I'm excited to announce that the infamous Mike Vallely (MikeV) will be on True Capitalist Radio LIVE, March 18, 2011! MikeV, much like yours truly, is an underground pop culture icon that has truly impacted the lives of young people worldwide. Initially getting the spotlight for his skateboarding in the late 80's, MikeV's personality has graced a variety of different media and industries alike. A skateboarder, an actor, a musician, a wrestler, an athlete, a stuntman; just an all around talented bad ass! Above is a small clip of the unbelievable persona that is MikeV.

As you can see, in a social landscape filled with fruity asses and wimps, MikeV still gives me a hint of hope that the American male is not completely pussifed. This is what all young males should try to emulate; being a real man! Anyway, before I get into some kind of social diatribe, I would like to ask all the listeners of the True Capitalist Radio show to please vote for MikeV for the 2011 Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Awards for Most Metal Athlete. Let's vote get MikeV this award so that we can show the world that True Capitalist Radio is serious business.

Also, please tell everyone you know mark their calenders for March 18, 2011 when MikeV comes to True Capitalist Radio. This interview should kick major ass and I hope you're there to see it LIVE!


  1. I can't wait to hear the interview, I'm telling everyone I know about it! Keep up the good work Ghost.

  2. Awesome, saw him on Viva La Bam, the one where he beat up Brandon Novak, classic stuff, probably the best episode of the series, maybe with the exception of the one with Johnny Knoxville.

  3. HEY GHOST, DEBI DALY HERE, love the show and sorry all the haters attack me in your chatroom.

    I simulcast your show on my network almost daily. People love it. I am a true capitalist also, love ya ghostie..


  4. ghost this is endlesmike why did you ban me from your chatroom i thought this was america