Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yet another example of slutty single mothers getting sympathy from our new Liberal / Feminist society!

For all those Liberals and Feminists who e-mail me saying that single mothers with 6 or 7 kids are isolated incidents, I post this clip for you. This clip comes out of San Antonio, Texas (the colon of America) advertising for a technical college that panders to the poor, single parents and other life losers who would qualify for government funded financial-aid. This ad runs daily during every talk show, court show and soap opera to recruit more morons to capitalize on their aid eligibility. I urge all of you to research technical colleges like this one to see the simplistic tasks they're teaching these buffoons as "career training."

On True Conservative Radio episode #117, I will outline how whore mothers like the one in this clip are able to collect over $4,000+ in government entitlements; all funded by hard-working Americans who did the "right" thing in life. This disgusting activity must stop! That's why I urge all True Conservatives to spit on these dumb broads who have turned baby making into generating taxpayer funded free money! Single mothers are the social-ill in society that can't be showed anymore empathy or sympathy, for this Feminist social engineering has gone far enough. Stand with me against these filthy moochers!




  2. yeh, cuz we all know how fun it is to look after kids... it's a full time job duh... its not like she sits there all like "ahhh this is the life"