Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin is not a Conservative! She's backwoods, ignorant, Feminist trash and does not speak for True Conservatives!

It makes me sick to see these so-called Conservatives put this Eskimo bimbo, Sarah Palin, on a pedestal higher than their own values. Since the Liberal Republican party nominated this ditsy broad as Vice President, she has somehow become the supposed mouth-piece for the Conservative Movement; even though her past, family and actions contradict such a notion. She may fool the TV-star fetished American public, but I and other True Conservatives see right through her disgusting image.

Lets start off with the most recent developments about Palin stepping down as Governor of Alaska; even though she still has a year and a half left on her first term. Anyone with a brain can tell you that this was purely a political move for the future. Believe it or not some political consultants (backed with money coming from somewhere) have actually convinced this moron that there's an actual possibility she can be president. In this author's educated opinion, this "stepping-down" move was a spineless attempt at nullifying the internal ethics investigations that have loomed over Alaska since the presidential elections. Someone needs to loosen the weave that's cutting off circulation to her balding head because she's fooling herself if she believes the backwoods political games Sarah Palin played prior to the national spotlight aren't going to haunt her.

Secondly, Sarah Palin is the reason why the Conservative Movement has been permanently damaged. This is the same woman who touts family values and Conservatives principles, and yet she can't control her moose-humping whore of a daughter from getting pregnant as a teenager; not to mention out of wedlock. You can't play both sides of the fences, either you denounce the social ills or you embrace it; Sarah Palin and her followers have chose the latter. It burned a hole in my intestines to see the past Republican National Convention championing the idea of teen pregnancy as a "beautiful thing" or "cute."

Thirdly, Sarah Palin has been and will continue to utilized the Feminist card as long as she has political aspirations. I was shocked to hear intelligent Republicans and so-called Conservatives defend the ignorance of the this buffoonery. We all heard the Katie Cuouric interview with Sara Palin, it was embarrassment to all of America; let alone the Republican party. But Palin and her goons will tell you that the reason she has critics is because she's a woman.

Last but not least, the reasons everyday Americans give for supporting this idiot. Look folks, I'm going to give you the true motives for all her supporters. Men want to vote for her because they think she's hot (people have actually called into my show an told me on the air), woman vote for her because she's a woman and everyone else who votes for her are just retarded. All the True Conservatives must come together and reject Sarah Palin, for she does not represent anyone but her own selfish bureaucratic motives. And as long as she's running or has aspirations for national office, I will continue to voice my opposition to this bimbo!


  1. It's great to see True Conservatives like you stand up for the real American people! More people need to listen and learn from you Ghost. You're one of the most under-rated political minds in the world!

  2. I agree with everything you wrote here. You are definitely an intelligent individual, and it's good to see that other conservatives are not supporting Palin. We need real conservatives, not McCain and his centrist ilk.

  3. Looks like you were ahead of your time with news of palin the money hungry hor endorsement of liberal republican carlie fiorina. Its sad that main stream right wing sites will go to great lengths to defend her. They also promote sean vannity who scammed millions of dollars from injured veterans and children of dead soldiers. I'm done with politics.

  4. She increased taxes and increase the size and scope of government while the governor of Alaska. So did Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush. Newt Gingrich never met a compromise he didn't like.

    Mitt Romney took over as governor of a real state where a super majority of legislators were going to pass universal healthcare no matter the cost. He forced the Taxachusetts legislature to pass the bill without raising taxes. He also oversaw the only profitable Olympic Games in the history of the World in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. And last of all he spent his time in the private sector busting unions and liquidating the assets of moribund companies to enrich shareholders which as a true conservative I love.

    Rudy Guiliani provided a net tax cut for most living in NYC. He cut the size and scope of NYC government.

    Chris Christie has cut taxes and cut government in his short time in office.

    True conservatives know who will lead us down a path of prosperity and who will betray us like George W. Bush.

  5. Somebody had to say it.