Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Texas mother dismembers, decapitates and eats her 3 week old son! Claims begin about postpartum psychosis... What a bunch of Feminist propaganda!

A mother out of San Antonio, Texas (the colon of America) allegedly dismembers, decapitates and eats her 3 week old baby son (click here for the full story). I was shocked, but not terribly surprised by the news of this sick, twisted crime; for women now believe they can kill their unwanted children due to our collective Feminist acceptance of such crimes as nothing more than postpartum "complications" or supposed mental disorders. I have been overly vocal against this demented collective acceptance; even going as far as to predict spikes in child deaths in the Summer months due to the classic, "Oh, I accidentally left my child in the car!" excuse. And of course, mothers usually get away with it by displaying their Hollywood induced hysterics and crocodile tears (just as I predict every year on the True Conservative Radio Show).

Thirty-three year old Otty Sanchez, the Hannibal-cannibal mother out of Texas, told the police that the devil made her cut off her baby's head, tear off his face and eat his brain (not to mention gnawing on three of his toes). As this story hit the national news wire, Feminist psychologists and other like-minded suedo-scientists began suggesting that this crime had evidence of postpartum psychosis. But how many children have to die before we realize that these so-called mental disorders (I.E. Postpartum depression, Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy, etc) are nothing more than premeditated murder excuses for insanity pleas. Anyone who kills a child, for any reason, should be put to death; period! But I'm willing to bet money Sanchez will be found not guilty when everything is said and done; and I'm not joking!

In our new Liberal/Feminist America, cold-blooded murders like Andrea Yates, Dena Schlosser and other bimbos go free everyday on these Liberal/Feminist insanity pleas. Andrea Yates drowned 5 of her own children and said that Satan was inside her and she was "saving" them from going hell; she was acquitted by a pro-child killing jury in 2006 by reason of insanity. Dena Schlosser chopped off her 10-month old baby's arms because she wanted to give her baby to God; she was acquitted by a pro-child killing jury in 2004. And then we wonder why how such horror can be consistently bestowed upon innocent children; it's because America accepts these pathetic mental disorders as legitimate excuses for get-out-jail-free child murdering.

So for all of you people that find this story out of Texas disturbing, get used to it. Mothers who finally begin to realize that having children is a minimum 18 year commitment (especially this filthy single mothers), they begin entertaining the idea of murdering them in exchange for a maximum 5 year mental institution commitment; thanks to the old insanity plea based on Liberal/Feminist excuses. If you are a Liberal or a Feminist, then you are responsible for this epidemic; you must all be very proud!


  1. Otty Sanchez was a Jehovah's Witness -- as was her own mother and other relatives. Yes, these are the same nuts who make a drama out of allowing themselves and their children to die rather than accept a blood transfusion because the WatchTower Society claims that accepting a blood transfusion is the same thing as eating blood.

    Why has the media deleted this irony from all reports?

    Here is the first of 10 webpages devoted to murders and other crimes committed by JWs:


  2. JJONES, you are a very ignorant person, do not be quick to pass judgement on what you do not know, I am assuming you are not or have never been a Jehovah's Witness. It is obvious that this woman was either very mentally ill or just plain evil. I am sorry to inform you that although it is true that JW's due not accept blood transfusions (which is the only medical treatment they do not accept) they do not encourage their followers to eat their children, so who gives a flying fuck if this woman was or was not JW judge her for her crime not her belief. But it just sounds to me like you are a narrow minded person maybe now you should go after the muslims and maybe all the catholic priests that have sexually abused children but I guess that is ok because they are not JW's and according to your narrow mind that is mush worse.

  3. Oh and by the way JJones before you go holy on me, I have nothing against catholics, muslims, jews or any other religious group, unlike you I can get pass someone's religion and look at them for the person that they are. Have fun bringing everyone down I am sure you are a perfect asshole.

  4. I'm a different anonymous...
    Listen to yourselves. You guys get so wrapped up in the details you forget about the importance. The poor child! An innocent Victim!!!
    Shame on you....

  5. I'm assuming this is written by someone who does not have children. Anyone who has given birth to a child know that only genuine insanity could be at the root of so gruesome a murder. That child is a victim of a horrific injustice, but the fact that the child is a victim does not make the mother less insane. A human being in their right mind would not be physically capable of dismembering and ingesting their own child.