Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The BlogTalkRadio Network and their ass-kissing minions makes me sick!

I've been broadcasting on the BlogTalkRadio Network for two years, and have been successful in getting a loyal base of fans and haters (thanks to you all). I've accumulated thousands of live listens and podcast downloads, all thanks to my own promotion and hard work; and I've never gotten any props or highlights from the goofs who run the company.

Instead they promote (and pay as employees) these ditsy bimbos (i.e. Media Lizzy) and other lame hosts that do nothing but kiss the ass of management to get such opportunities (even though no one listens to these milky lickers). I think its pathetic!

I've listened to all the so-called popular broadcasts on BTR, and most barely have 6 or 7 people in their chatroom (this is after BTR promotes their shows via e-mail, homepage features and blogs). But BTR, for whatever reason, insists on giving these boring fruity-asses props, highlights and authority over other hosts that aren't in the BTR ass-tickling click.

If I don't see that my hard work and content is being appreciated within the next couple of months, I'm going to leave the BTR Network! That's right, I've recently been e-mailed by a company similar to BTR's that promises to give me the emphasis I deserve; and I'm seriously considering moving broadcast to their Network.

So keep up to date with the show, because if I decide leave, I would like everyone (including the Liberal and Feminists who agitate my show) to come with me! Thanks to all who listen and please let BTR know what you think about True Conservative Radio!


  1. Ghost,
    The Hosts like Media Lizzy & Eeevil Conservative are Washington DC beltway insiders. They do not speak for real conservatives like you. They just critise you as some knuckle dragging neanderthal caveman that is not inside their clique. Don't give up up.... your way above these elites that don't have a clue! I heard one say McCain was supposed to lose the election ..that it was a setup! Another blasted Palin before she was nominated but when she was picked it all of the sudden Palin was the "perfect pick"! Liberals are progressive on BTR, some conservatives are Ron Paul groupies who don't have a clue about Ron Paul except on one issue!
    Abolishing the Fed Reserve is like going from the frying Pan into the fire!!

  2. Ghost,
    When is your next show? I see there's a possibility you'll be leaving BTR and I certainly understand your reasoning. I've bookmarked your blog site and I will stay apprised of your intentions. When you signed out on your last show on Monday you were planning on having shows daily for the rest of the week. However, none were scheduled. We miss you. ducat2