Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook bows down under the pressure! I say still cancel your accounts!

I had stated on my show last week that all users of the social networking site Facebook, should cancel their accounts. It was highlighted earlier this month that Facebook's "terms of service" was altered to give exclusive rights to all the user-created content posted on the site to Facebook; even if one were to decide to cancel their account. I was outraged at this company and it's founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

But now that the Internet users of the world decide to revolt against these authoritarian tactics used by Facebook, Zuckerberg and his goons have bowed down to the users and eliminated the "TOS" clause stated previous. But I feel that Internet users should make Facebook pay for its infringement on our Internet freedom. That's why I still call on everyone to cancel their Facebook accounts and tell Mark Zuckerberg to piss off!

Facebook, as stated in several reports, is worth close to 1.3 Billion dollars as of right now. And they have the audacity to secretly change the "TOS" agreement under every one's noses to give them exclusive monetary rights to your likeness, pictures, blogs, videos and any other content that you wish to post (even if you close your account)? I think Zuckerberg has some nerve, and it would be a great day to see Facebook collapse under its own greed.

Remember Zuckerberg, you fruity-ass bastard, the people are the ones who created the networth of your company and made Facebook what it is today. Secretly changing your "TOS" is the equivilent of kicking all the Facebook users in the balls and telling them to smile about it. You and your pathetic company are a piece of trash, and anyone who still decides to stay on as a Facebook user must like being treated like a 2-dollar whore with a 3-dollar rebate!

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