Saturday, January 14, 2012

Newt Gingrich Should Come Out of the Bureaucratic Closet; We Now Know You're A Socialist!

It seems that a bureaucrat's quest for power knows no limits; especially when the bureaucrat in question claims to be Republican, Conservative and pro-Capitalist. Well it shouldn't surprise those who've observed the theatrical stage of politics that Newt Gingrich is pulling no Socialist-propaganda punches in a self-serving attempt at getting the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

Since his [Gingrich] fall from political grace in the 90's, Newt has spent his time as a political insider, a lobbyist, a commentator/lecturer and a book writer. Prior to Newt's political life, he worked in the bureaucratic education system as a history teacher. Not once has this man made a genuine attempt to be successful in the private sector, and any revenue created from his so-called "for-profit" ventures are directly related to his political career. So its no coincidence that Gingrich is utilizing Socialist-like propaganda to attack Mitt Romney for his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capital.

Those related to the Gingrich campaign have gone as far as to create a Liberal-like propaganda documentary specifically to demonize Mitt Romney as a greedy Gordon Gekko sociopath Capitalist. Its a movie aimed at exploiting the viewer of their empathy with emotional vampirism and Leftist propaganda. Below is the trailer to this cinematic sleaze.

Certainly if I hadn't of mentioned that Newt Gingrich was the culprit behind this trash documentary, one would've assumed that David Axelrod and the Obama campaign were behind this film. But as you can see, this is a desperate and pathetic attempt by a lifelong bureaucrat trying to obtain power at all costs; even at the expense of hypocrisy.

The reason Gingrich thinks he can get away with this nonsense is because, like most bureaucratic weasels, he thinks his political wit and snake charm can bamboozle the people into believing him; even when he lies. This type of egotistical grandeur is not uncommon to career politicians. Many politicians feel they have a "natural ability" to persuade and evade the whole truth with linguistic trickery (that's why most of them are lawyers).

But I think Gingrich has reached into the well of crookedness once too often, because not even the "Occupy Wall Street" sentiment that he's attempting to tap into is conjuring up mass support. On the contrary, I think he has committed political suicide by attacking Capitalism, for he has no more credibility with anyone who obliges the Capitalist ideals. At this point, he should just become Socialist in hopes of winning the institutionalist Liberals who hate Capitalists, champion bureaucratic expansion and use public service as an opportunity to be a mini-dictator who thinks they're above the law.

I call on all Capitalists worldwide not to support Newt Gingrich or anyone who attempts to demonize the economic model that has brought the industrial, technological and scientific revolutions into reality. The economic model that brought Humanity into modernity and advanced civilization more than anything else in the world; Capitalism! Without us [Capitalists] most of the world would still be living in the Dark Ages.


  1. That was a masterpiece. True Capitalists forever.

  2. Ghost can you write about Ron Paul?



    How do you feel about Herman Cain now, eh?

  5. There's a radio spot running on AM talk radio in my area that expresses the same sentiment. However, at the end of the spot it states that the ad is not endorsed/created by any potential presidential candidate, including Barak Obama.

    My question to you Ghost is where is the proof that this video is endorsed/created by the Newt Gingrich campaign?

    Mitt Romney is a fake who panders to the audience he's speaking to. While I feel this video unjustly demonizes Romney for cutting the fat from failing companies, he's still a fake.

  6. Ghost, let's have some freaky pony sex. You can be Rainbow Dash and I'll be Scootaloo and you can abuse me all night long.

  7. Newt is a fool who got baited into attacking.

    Don't forget. Romney was the one who originally made his record at Bain Capital into a campaign issue. He made the claim that he created over 100,000 jobs through Bain and blatantly lied. (now he says the actual number might be somewhere from 10,000 to 17,000). Either he thought no one would bother to check out the facts (bullshit, because he knows modern political campaigns hire whole teams for "opposition research"), or he thought it would work out in his favor to make such a claim. Well it has, Romney's managed to turn Newt's attacks on his record at Bain around into attacks on free market enterprise.

    Newt is still no angel here, he knows exactly which heartstrings he's reaching out to pluck, but Romney simply played him for a fool. He baited Newt into attacking him on Bain and then turned Newt's attacks back on himself.

  8. These attacks on Romney provide him with the perfect opportunity to make the case for capitalism and define himself as a candidate. Romney is often accused of not standing for anything and his wealth is actually used against him as a weakness. He shouldn't be on the defense about this.