Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Summer's Next Hot Single? Do the Walmart by Mr. Ghetto... Welcome to the New America!

From welfare carols to Walmart! Right when you thought America's pop culture couldn't get any more pathetic with the glorification of the loser lifestyle, out comes the new hit single by New Orleans artist Mr. Ghetto aptly named "Walmart." The video of this song shows how the new place to get some cornbread booty is at the panties section or in the parking lot of your local "Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally World!"

Capitalists can no longer find these types of societal digressions amusing, for this mentality is becoming a threat to our civility. The perception of life portrayed in this video is an example how most of the American masses view their existence. People actually believe their "state-funded charge card" lives have so much meaning when they contribute nothing but burden to civilization. And there is no coincidence with our current turbulent times and the simpleton view of life by these primitive creatures who plague this planet caravan that is Earth. As watch this video, ask yourself this; "Is this Human progress?"

So this Summer, don't be surprised if this is the new hit single that's flying off the charts. If that hermaphrodite-penis looking Lady Gaga can mesmerize the masses with a meat dress, then I'm sure America will suck up Mr Ghetto's "Walmart" harder than George Micheal in a park bathroom shit stall. Welcome to the new Junkyard America!


  1. Cool, video works... not so sure I'm glad about that tho... ugh...... nasty ass n.a.l.a.'s <--- North American Hairless Apes ~Bobobob

  2. Ghost was the blackguy!