Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Article Critique; "Global Capitalism and 21st Century Fascism" By Some Leftist

The recent uprisings and wars throughout the International Community provide an unprecedented opportunity for a Global Capitalist economic system that would aid the world in catapulting itself into modernity. Primitive systems of all kinds are finding themselves obsolete as world populations begin educating themselves beyond the man made borders, trivial traditions, political romanticism and historic superstitions. Although systems of the past are dwindling in credibility, they are not going out with a dirty fight of propaganda and lies. I recently read such lies and propaganda by William I. Robinson titled "Global Capitalism and 21st century fascism."

In this attempt at an article, the author describes (in his mind) how Global Capitalism represents a "crisis to Humanity" in that a new "Global transnational capital class (TCC)... undercuts the strength of popular and working class movements around the world." Moreover, he then goes on to assert that this "transnational capital class" is expanding international theaters of combat to facilitate a global war economy and correlating all this with a war against international immigrants. Now if you weren't confused enough by this neurotic whirlwind, the thesis of all this gargle in this piece is that Global Capitalists are doing all this because "they're Fascists."

First of all, the reason the strength of popular and working class movements are losing influence all over the world is because they've been proven to stagnate the progress of the population the claim to represent. Also they've proven through empirical precedent that such movements are a breeding ground for infighting, chaos and corruption. Most of the masses that are beginning to wake up out of the propaganda of political romance are doing this because these Leftist leaning ideas end up creating an exclusive group bureaucratic mini dictators that make decisions for the collective. This model has been proven moot, and even the most poorest individual in a third-world state can only follow broken promises for so many generations before joining the so-called "enemy."

Secondly, the underlying factors that drive most international military theaters are old world borders, clash of cultures, primitive idealism and/or despotic regimes attempting to maintain power. And as we've seen in previous world wars, if no outside intervention is attempted by nation-states with the power to do so, the escalation of these military theaters tend expand throughout the globe. So until the world population is no longer afflicted with the ideas of war explained previously, then we're going to, unfortunately, continue see military theaters pop-up time after time.

Thirdly, the Capitalists have no war against international immigrants; why William I. Robinson threw this issue in this elementary article, I have no idea. On the contrary, True Capitalists embrace the notion of a global right to work and/or invest as long as they oblige the law of the land in the country in question. I personally (being a U.S. citizen) have advocated amnesty to the "illegal immigrants" in America. The economic benefits of such a policy would generate great productivity and revenue for America, or any country for that matter. So this assertion that Capitalist are anti global immigrant is one the biggest lies ever written by someone who not claims to be a writer, but a California professor.

Last but not least, this author tries to tie Capitalists with these simpleton political movements in America (I.E. Tea Party). The reality is that True Capitalists are not motivated by sensational issues or political romance, we're realists that are motivated by economic freedom and prosperity. Trying to group us with the Tea Party is an insult on so many fronts, but this is the type of lies and propaganda that the fading ideas or movements will attempt to try to salvage its pertinence. The Tea Party's base is nothing more than Baby Boomers (the population that put us in the current economic, political and social turmoil) who are touting political phrases like "small government" and "cut spending." Which I'll admit, sounds kind of Capitalist. Yet, these are the same people who are crying about any cutting in Social Security, Medicare and other government entitlements for which they benefit from. This is utter hypocrisy and has no correlation with Capitalism what so ever.

One can see that since Mr. Robinson is a California professor, he benefits from tax collected revenue from the Capitalists that he hates so much. Robinson (and all Leftists) then wants blame the Capitalists for the fiscally incompetent bureaucracies that he touts are the answer to Humanity. These are the types of people who hide behind such bureaucracies to absolve themselves of personal responsibility and to subjugate the prosperity that they can't attain on their own. I wouldn't be surprised if the origin of this misguided article is rooted in possible cuts in Robinson's bureaucratic position. And instead of blaming the system for a lack of fiscal responsibility, he's pointing the finger at Capitalists for not giving his bureaucracy enough money in taxes. Not to mention he's calling us Fascists; but that lies and propaganda Leftist style!


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