Friday, May 20, 2011

The Over Glorification of Cesar Chavez; Enough is Enough!

From Texas to California, we're seeing this movement to rename street signs, buildings, Navy ships and even holidays after this Leftist migrant mouth-piece that the Hispanic community just can't get over. I'm talking about the union organizer Cesar Chavez.

In Texas, it seems like these pompous cultural groups (I.E. LULAC, etc) are utilizing all their resources to make sure that tax payer money is spent to rename everything possible in the name of this individual [Chavez], as opposed to helping their communities afflicted with the problems that stagnate and subjugate their culture. I have to laugh when I see these ignorant and inarticulate leaders of these so-called organizations attempt to explain the pertinence of Cesar Chavez. But in actuality, Chavez was nothing more than some Leftist utilizing labor organization to build his persona (which is typical for all Leftist "leaders"). The reason organizations like LULAC are making much to do about this subject is because they're media whores looking for coverage so they can politic their own persona on the name of Chavez.

If this phenomena of renaming everything to Cesar Chavez is to promote the progress of the Hispanic community, its doing the complete opposite. In my view, Chavez was a migrant worker that deserves nothing more then a footnote (at best) in history. There have been so many more Mexican Americans that have accomplished so much more and had more of an impact to civilization than Chavez, but they have all been over looked for being "too successful" for these simplistic Leftists who glorify this grape picker. I personally think there's a huge correlation between the glorification of a migrant worker and the mentality embraced by most Mexican Americans.

For instance, names like Tony Sanchez, Luis Bruni, Ernesto Ancira and Jorge Cortez will never be glorified by these useless groups who are shoving this Ceaser Chavez nonsense down our throats. Why? Because all the Mexican Americans mentioned previous are millionaires who've done more for civilization than Cesar Chavez could ever accomplish with his megalomania and rhetoric. But the mentality promoted behind the guise of "Cesar Chavez" consider these millionaires "sell-outs" because they're not living like a derelict or not doing it for "La Raza." And therein is the problem!

I, as a tax payer, am personally offended that public money is being spent to glorify this Leftist, and we all have to just grin and bare it because of political correctness. Well I'm saying it now, Cesar Chavez is a symbol of the past and everyone should leave him in the past. He's a symbol of migrant work that "Mexican Americans" no longer do because they're now juicing the entitlement, child support and non-profit systems (not to mention that illegal immigrants are now the migrants; which is a different issue entirely). And those Mexican Americans that move on beyond the mentality of Cesar Chavez must break the bondage of culture or they'll be brought down by those who follow these pathetic organizations like LULAC and/or its variants.


  1. That's "phenomenon," not "phenomena." Phenomena is plural.


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  3. Perhaps you would a different tune about Chavez if you lived as one of the millions of faceless poor who were left to the scraps of elite, capitalist ruling class that plundered the wealth of Venezuela and left the majority of the citizens to die in the sprawling favelas. You wouldn't know anything about the side effects of you're greed though would you?

    1. We are talking about Caesar Chavez the labor organizer not Hugo Chavez the former President of Venezuela.

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