Tuesday, December 1, 2009

True Conservatives must begin to take action against Liberal and Feminist idealism... The future of our country depends on it!!!!

Look people, I know its the holidays and everyone is engulfing their realities with gluttonous eating and mindless consumption; but our country is rapidly (as each day goes by) transforming into something Anti-American. The dumbed down American public, with their many decades of complacent political activity, have allowed those motivated by corrupt idealism to systematically destroy America's political, economic and social systems. These same perpetrators of American systems have deliberately attempted to contradict the political philosophy of the Individual and are forcing upon us the philosophy of the collective as the supposed only viable alternative.

No longer can we ignore this blatant infringement on our lives by those leftists variants (American Liberalism, Feminism, etc) that are currently misleading the masses and dismantling the Constitution. It is time for the American Patriots of Modernity to begin to arm themselves with knowledge, influence and substance so that this International leftist acceptance can be derailed off the track of the future and put into the museums of antiquity; or more like a circus freak-show.

If you feel that America is no longer the land of opportunity, then you must act. If you're observing the dumbing down of the masses, then you must act. If you feel that the masses have accepted the trivialization of human life, then you must act! By continuing to be complacent and not fulfilling your obligation as a country made "For the People and By the People," then our future is at the whim of power-hungry autocrats that will smile at your face and shake your hand, while selling out future generations into infinite serfdom to creditor nations.

To True Conservatives, be it 5 or 5 million of you, now is the time for you to get up and show the leftists that this idealism will be resisted. Read about history and about how (time and time again) the influence of a few motivated and dedicated Individuals changed the charted course set forth by those that attempted to dictated it. I've said this before and I'll say it again, if this warped political philosophy remains unopposed, then we deserve the consequences of the worst case scenario. Get off the sideline and get on the front lines, and the front lines are right outside you door! DO SOMETHING, WE NEED YOU!!!!!!


  1. First of all, I have to say Ghost you really have no idea how much your broadcasts have done for me since I came over to the blog talk network to do my own broadcasts. There have been times where I just wanted to give up and not do it anymore, because there was no one listening or the switchboard for Blog Talk would give me problems and not let me do my show the way I wanted to. But I go and listen to you in archives and you give me the push to keep on going with my show and to work even harder on my second book. You do make a difference, don't you forget that!

    About your blog, we have seen in this country for decades now the fall of society as our Founders had envisioned it. We see our jobs going to other countries, our goods are being made in China and we are forced to buy them, and the goods that are still made here are so expensive because the unions are taking most of the profit away from the owners of these companies. There is no sign of it getting any better and the people are sitting around and watching Tv all day as if nothing is happening. I feel your anger ghost, I am just not a loud man. I am loud in my words when I write, but when it comes to speaking that was a talent that I did not receive.

    We all have the DUTY to get up and do whatever we can to make sure this disease does not infect all of America, and the people who need to be up and making a stand are doing nothing, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I do not know what it will take to wake people up Ghost. I keep writing and I do it because I know there are people out there that read what I have to say when I publish it, and that is what makes me go on doing it. I am sure you are the same way with your show. You know people are listening and getting knowledge, so you must go on. We really respect what you do. We need leaders in this country that have a voice like YOU have, but all we have are these Washington, Beltway sissy's that would sell their mother for another government contract or more aid for their state.

    I hope I did not go on to long and take up too much space. Keep up the good work, people are listening. It is time to do the hard work and stand up and say what needs to be said and also educate ourselves about the past, because if we do not know our own past we will be condemned to repeat it!

  2. I am a proud homosexual; I am also a proud conservative. I have listened in to a couple of your shows and somewhat enjoyed it. You have done a lot of "fag bashing" lately; I just wanted to let you know it is really making me stray away from your show. It is ironic how you want us to come together, but instead you get angry and say things you shouldn't... that won't help. Keep believing in yourself though... keep believing.

  3. I said it before and I say it again:

    You're a fucking douchebag, Ghost.
    You're scared of the future. You're afraid and you're selling your fear to the pathetic flock of sheep that follows you.

    I think you're part of the CANCER that's killing America.

    Also, youre arguments are always invalid, you fail gotsh, your a fuckin disgrace to this country, you maek me sick oh lord jeesus you maek me throw up i think im gonna throw up

  4. Anonymous,ya, you above me right here whoever you are...I do not come to the defense of most people because most are not worth the time and the energy, but frankly I do not see you doing anything to to promote your cause anywhere here online! You hide your identity because your afraid of what people might think of you since you cannot spell and you take a simplistic view of the world.

    You think calling people names because they hold a different view makes you a cool person, makes you someone in the crowd to be respected but it only shows that there are even more people in this country than we originally thought that have no brains and listen to those who know nothing to get their information. It makes me sick to see people on these blogs come in and rip people that actually get up there and make their point, while people like you call people names and think you are making a point. You can call me all the names you want, have already been called them all anyway, but the fact is that you are making this country no better off than the day before you were born. if that is what you think is progress, then keep on with what you are saying because the substance we see out of people like you is pathetic.

    You do not fight the issues because you know you would lose, and lose terribly I might add! You say people like ghost have invalid points, yet you do not stick around long enough to even say what points are invalid and show some kind of cause, any cause, for making a statement like that!

    Listen, I think there is some good TV on tonight so why don't you just stick to that and let the big boys handle what is wrong with this country and how to fix it, we will be better off that way!

  5. In my country marijuana is banned and anyone who smokes pot is severely punished, treated as a social outcast, kicked out of school, etc

    When I first listened in to your show I had great admiration about your views and concern for freedom, and most of all your passion for the truth. Your experiment I must say has succeeded and made me even more concerned about drugs in America, as I witnessed your self esteem, your passion and dignity deteriorate live on the radio, to the point that you seemed just like another lazy pot head, who would've gladly given up his soul to those taking away our freedoms. The prank callers and those that despise us do not realize what is going on around them and cannot figure what the real problems are, most likely because they are under the influence. They do not realize that the these drugs prevent the people from causing a revolution which is needed in America to overthrow the aristocrats in power and taking back democracy & freedom.

  6. Heeeyyy Ghost! Love the show man. I appreciate you sacraficing your time, energy and health to do it. I have some constuctive critisism:

    1. You often speak of your political predictions. Perhaps you should hunt down the best three or so and tell your listeners where to find them. This would lend your show more credibility.

    2. Keep the blasphemy down. I'm a conservative, damn it and I don't appreciate the GDs. I understand you get excited and you should, but that aint right.

    Keep up the good work, Ghost. If you told me to take my comments and PISS OFF, I would still listen. God bless you, God bless America, and DEATH TO FEMINISM!!!