Sunday, December 6, 2009

Marijuana! America's new cup of coffee! Welcome to pot head America!

Since fruity-ass Liberal California decided to classify Marijuana as medicine, there are now literally more legal "Marijuana Shops" than there are Starbucks coffee houses in the state. Since the passing of the voter mandated Prop. 215 in 1996, the citizens of California have been legally consuming pot as a medicine. Prescriptions of Cannabis can given to those with serious fatal illnesses (Cancer, Aids, etc) or to someone with the minor ailments that the drug supposedly alleviates (stress, depression, pain, nausea, etc).

But now Prop. 215 has created a monster with its loosely defined cures and/or treatments of the drug. Pot doctors, those who specialize in writing pot prescriptions, have sprouted in large numbers around the clusters of Marijuana dispensaries. Any citizen of California is eligible to receive a legal prescription (for any trivial illnesses or ailments); a typical trip to the Pot Doctor is a little over $100 (seriously, anyone can go and get a prescription). Thereafter, you can go to the Marijuana store and get a joint of one of the strongest and most potent pot starting at $5.

I feel that this national acceptance of Marijuana as a medicine and/or recreational substance will be destructive to an already complacent American public. We've all known pot heads, and they're typically lazy idiots that can barely stay focused enough to wax their own carrot. Now, the possibility of having a nation of these Cheech and Chong worshiping morons is rapidly becoming a reality.

I strongly urge those who are considering using this illicit crap not to. And if that doesn't convince you not to smoke weed, then listen to the True Conservative Radio Show (#147)when I will consume Marijuana LIVE on the air in hopes of persuading people not to smoke it. America has accepted so much social, political and economic filth, don't add legally selling pot to anyone (within proximity of children) cripple America's moral ethos worse than Liberal/Feminist Hollywood already has. Wake up True Conservatives! We're losing AMERICA!!!!


  1. Okay.. This is funny!

  2. I dont understand how you consuming marijiuana to a crowd of annonymous potheads is proving a point.

  3. 330pm now??
    its okay though i dont have a job. i mostly get unemployment from the government. and sell drugs on the side. you probably got that pot from me somehow down the line.
    smoke up ghost!

    cu for the show ;)

  4. Ghost, these people will never learn. I have no idea what point you are trying to make, especially because you already get so worked up half the time, I do not want to see you give yourself a heart attack on the air. If you are going to do this, please try and stay calm. I have had my dealings with pot, way back when, when I was young and stupid. The people using this drug are laying around their house smoking in their parents basement when they are 40 years old because the pot has rotted their brains because they have smoked it all their life. I hope someone learns something from your show, and maybe I will call if I get a minute and we can talk about what pot really does to young kids. I have been there, and people should know what kind of effect it has!

    Good luck tonight ghost if I do not get to call in, I will be listening!

  5. Sounds like you had fun. Try brownies instead of smoking, virgin lung. Wouldn't expect that for how much you scream.

  6. Hey Ghost, I hope you have an open enough mind to watch this: