Monday, December 7, 2009

COP15 Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen is an attempt at Global Communism through sex, lies and bureaucracy!!!

The current Liberal regime's bureaucrat at the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) today announced it has signed 6 different "greenhouse gases" to the list of government regulated pollutants (including carbon dioxide; what humans breath out). This was conveniently done to coincide with the International Global Warming summit in Copenhagen (COP15); and done without vote by the U.S. Congress or the American people.

COP15, which began 12/07/2009 and will last 2 weeks, is an obvious attempt at global Communism. The plan is that all modern and industrial countries (USA, UK, France, etc) are to have their "greenhouse gases" capped at a certain rate (Obama has already committed an 80% reduction). This new greenhouse gases rate will be regulated by some International bureaucratic system (probably the pussy-whipped U.N.), that will begin levying a global carbon tax (amidst an array of other taxes) that will be collected from all the member nations of the COP15 agreement. The taxes collected will not only fund the new Global International Regulatory System, but the revenue will also be allotted for third-world nations to aid their development into modernization and industrial growth. All that's mentioned previous is a recipe for worldwide Communism.

Many have criticized my opinion about how Global Warming is a complete scam ran by the international scientific community to obtain unlimited grants from governments and the private sector alike; not to mention they [the institution of Science] want to become the supreme authority superseding all political, social and economic systems. But since the unraveling of what is now known as "Climate-Gate," my claims have become more than just opinion.

This is a call to the world, don't allow a global consortium of quasi-Communist/Socialist bureaucrats globally tax your country's citizens for breathing! I find it ironic that this COP15 summit is flying in thousands upon thousands of delegates from all over the world in greenhouse gas, fuel burning jets and airplanes to discuss curbing global pollution. Why couldn't all these International delegates just stay home and have this conference on the Internet (since they're so worried about "greenhouse gases")? Maybe because free sex (really, the COP15 delegates are getting free sex, click the link), a free trip and the ability to rule the world under context of a complete lie is too much to pass up for these bureaucrats. You sick, power hungry fruity asses!


  1. It is amazing how the truth seems to be hidden in plain sight to some people. While the leaders of the world go to Copenhagen and get free sex and fly around on private jets and in their thousands of limos, we back here in America and people who want to be free all around the world are looking at this Climate summit and laughing! It is like a joke we know we should take seriously but we just cannot because the leaders of the world make themselves look like fools on a daily basis.

    The point of this summit is very simple: To make sure the industrialized nations do not grow any larger than they are now and at the same time making sure the underdeveloped nations are given all kinds of money to try and prop up their governments and economies without actually having to go through any kind of Industrial Revolution. Revolution, by definition, scares the crap out of these Marxists because it brings social change as well. It brings people to the realization that they can be free and do not need the worlds help in doing so. This goes against everything that is trying to be implemented under the disguise of Climate Change. Anyone out there that still believes this is about Climate Change and not about a redistribution of wealth and power, need to educate themselves.

    We have been shown the truth, it is up to the people, the "lazy Americans" as you would call them ghost. to stand up and tell the leaders of not only this country but the world that we are a free people and no international Marxist Revolution will be allowed to pass! if we do not, there will be nothing but silence on this great land!

  2. I share your views ghost. Many people say it is communism, but the truth is this is facism, Capitalism for the rich. The ones in power have found ways to brainwash, steal the wealth from the people and get away with it! The lower classes will be annihilated if we allow these aristocrats to exploit the people and let them take away our freedoms. Unfortunately I don't think Americans will gather for a revolution in this country any time soon. Not until they lose everything they have will they ever wake up and see the reality. People like us who know what is going on need to just concentrate on protecting ourselves, rather than trying to convince those who deny the truth.