Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Freed Capitves" - By Ghost

Our achievements provide hurdles for progress
as the complexity of survival forks in the road
The paths taken by the enlightened few
are envied by the mutants of the masses
So I strive for eclectic perfection
in an imperfect realm of deviate deception.

My life, a wheel of zig-zag scenarios
that provide chemical reactions of living
Capitalism, a necessary mechanism of civilization
that enables all to pull the strings of their world
Without it, we are but jungle animals
at the whim of savage skin tribes salivating for incivility

Primitive concepts should be bad memories
but it’s the perception of the land
Humanity, an organism that has gone beyond design
making the impossible, possible
We’ve achieved more than fabled deities
and quashed religious dominion of the mind

I refuse to live life like a leech
or be lead by charlatan shepherds and their flock of sheep
I’m a Capitalist that lays my own foundation
and build temples with magical stones
No time to cry or live in fear
for we’ve made Heaven out of this Hell

Captives we came,
Gods we will leave!


  1. Great poem. Hope you come back.