Friday, March 12, 2010

International Woman's Day; Here's What Feminists Claim to be "Woman Liberation!"

Today is International Woman's Day; like we're supposed to care. The moniker of "International Women's Day," is yet another attempt at political correct propaganda that is used to coerce people to misdirect their empathy. So as you celebrate this disgraceful made-up holiday, below is just one of many examples of how woman are using their "Liberation!" And as you watch this, I ask you: How can our society survive this depravity?

You have to remember that women now dress like this to places like the grocery store; and we wonder why we have such a sexual deviate society? This International Women's day, I want women to remember that instead of using your "liberation" to create innovations, cure diseases, build buildings, etc; you all did this and then expect then everyone to give you a pad on the ass about it! Well I think you need a slap into reality; you're now subliminal prostitutes!


  1. I just do not understand why we need days like this to begin with? Do we have national mens day? National hey I am white day? International Morons day (Ok, that one is everyday, but you get my point!) Why so many days? If people want to celebrate that women have more rights than they once did, that is fine by me. But why not look at the women in this world that STILL do not have those rights that some fought for in this country and others? Look at the women of the Middle East and these people that started International Women's Day want to Celebrate? Celebrate what exactly?

    I do not give these special days and months too much recognition, most of them are worthless to begin with. But what women have taken liberation to mean in this and many other countries is a far cry from what liberation was supposed to be. I suppose we live in a free country and people can do what they please, but when society actually LOOKS at things like the video you posted and thinks it is mainstream, or what women wanted all along, then maybe I am the one who is wrong about what liberation actually means. I never knew it meant that you could make a fool out of yourself...but again, we live in a free nation so I guess it is better to just ignore the members of society that want nothing to do with making society better for EVERYONE, not just a select group.

  2. I concur. Women should know their place is in the kitchen.
    This society is falling into pieces.

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  5. Do a barrel roll for women's rights!