Thursday, November 19, 2009

To everyone who hates or loves "yours truely!" Leave me a voice message and let mw know how you really feel about the True Conservative Radio Show!

To all the haters and appreciators, I would like to use this blog entry as an opportunity to let all of you know that you can leave me a voice mail on this handy little net widget that's located at the very bottom of the True Conservative Blog website. It's an easy and anonymous way to let me know how you feel about the show or me. Here's what the widget looks like below (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page).

So to all of you text-chat warriors that raid my chat room during my live radio show, and all the Liberals and Feminists who spread personal attacks about me in the blogoshpere; here's your chance to sound off like you got a pair! So don't be a pussified, pink team playing fruity ass and get to your nearest telephone and leave me a message; you Karl Marx worshipping, Godless scoundrels! BRING IT ON!!!

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  1. There's an interesting video on YOU TUBE that is titled "autism spectrum seems out of control" and the other is something like autism epidemic rooted in abuse of word autistic..this exposes the fraud in the autism community and how democrats just look the other way and keep piling money into program despite the phony labels