Monday, October 26, 2009

To All You H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Needy Nut Jobs: Here's What Your Vaccine is Capable of!

I've been criticized by many about my complete disregard for the H1N1 hysteria. I feel that this ridiculous spectacle has shown just how pussy-whipped America (and the Western world for that matter) has become. This Swine Flu malarkey has got the public thinking that this illness is the equivalent to the bubonic plague and have them on their knees begging for a vaccine they know nothing about.

Below is one of those "1 in a million" side effects from this so-called "Flu Vaccine" that the CDC insists on inoculating you and your family with. Just watch and be horrified, the video speaks for itself.

I strongly advise you to forward this post to everyone you know that is thinking of getting any of these Flu Vaccines! And one other thing, why would a "Flu" vaccine have any kind of neurological effects?
So for all you scared ass clowns that are criticizing me for not taking this "Swine Flu" serious, all I have to say is grow some balls (its just the freaking flu you idiots)! If the Flu vaccine side effects are anything like whats depicted in this video, you might as well do cocaine!

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