Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liberal and Feminist Hollywood justifies Roman Polanski's pedophelia! But Polanski must pay!

I was happy to hear that Roman Polanski was arrested for a 30+ year old child molestation charge by Switzerland authorities under advisement of the United States. Polanski and his sick fans are shocked (to say the least) because Polanski actually thought he was going to get away with this twisted crime he committed. But now that he's in Swiss custody, Polanski is trying everything in his power to try to stop his extradition to the United States, for he knows he will have to pay the piper.

Meanwhile, the mainstream boob tube media is treating this arrest as unjust, and are questioning the statute of limitations of the charge. But how can the Liberals and Feminist media justify pedophilia? This should open the eyes of some of you mindless people on the sideline.

I personally think Roman Polanski or anyone who molests children should be put to death. These damn sick perverts know that they can rob a child of their innocence and get nothing more than a couple of years in prison. As opposed to those that are doing 10+ year for drug offences. There is no excuse for molesting or thinking about molesting children.

This just underscores the depths of depravity that is ideology of Liberalism. We can no longer accept this idealism as legitimate and should consider it more as a disease. Anyone who thinks that Roman Polanski's arrest is unjust should do the world a favor a scarf yourself. I throw a party every time a child molester is dead and you should too.


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  2. Our email address is theextremesociety@live.com

  3. Dear Ghost

    I like your show. You do know what you're talking about and say what many of us are thinking - and you make me laugh.

    One thing though - sometimes you get a bit pissed off and it sounds like your smashing up the place. I've heard this several times and think it must be a recording - otherwise, your place would be trashed. Just saying.